I have a doubt... concerning RAM compatibility and actual use...

By cyberghost_1 ·
I am using a Compaq Mini CQ10-120LA Netbook, Intel ATOM N270 1.60GHz, 160GB SATA-II HDD, 1GB DDR2-800 PC6400 RAM and Windows 7 Ultimate OS. My Q has to do with the type of RAM that I have and why its not operating at advertised clock speed? I have EVEREST Ultimate v5.30 and it displays that my RAM is DDR2-800 in single channel mode so its actually DDR2-400...BUT the benchmark and Chipset results say that its DDR2-533 and the actual clock speed is 266MHz...what is the reason for this?? My supported Memory types are DDR2-400 and DDR2-533 up to 2GB. CPU-Z gives me the same info...why is my RAM not operating as its supposed to as far as clock speed?? Its the factory RAM module and it should be running at 400MHz since its Single channel but its running at 266MHz as if it were DDR2-533... I would appreciate some clarification on this please...

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by santeewelding In reply to I have a doubt... concern ...

Windows 7 Ultimate on a netbook with an Atom might just have something to do with it, neverminding RAM.

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You gave the answer in your question

by TobiF In reply to I have a doubt... concern ...

I quote:
<i><q>My supported Memory types are DDR2-400 and DDR2-533 up to 2GB.</q></i>

Since your memory modules are capable of responding even faster, the system uses it at the maximum speed the system can handle, namely 267 Mhz (corresponding to DDR2-533).

It's quite possible that the ratio between processor speed and memory speed would be different if you had a different type of processor, but I'm not sure. (It's simply not my area of expertise)

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and 2 Identical, Matching Pair RAM Modules . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to You gave the answer in yo ...

required for dual channel mode functionality,

one stick, can't, won't & doesn't do dual channel mode

if you're seeing single channel mode then you don't have the 2 sockets filled, or the modules are mismatched and can't operate in dual channel mode

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Only 1 RAM slot....

by cyberghost_1 In reply to and 2 Identical, Matching ...

Ok that explains the Single Channel Mode, the thing is that I only have 1 SO-DIMM Slot with 1 1GB DDR2-800 stick... So if I upgrade to 2GB RAM, what is recommended?? 2GB DDR2-800 or 2GB DDR1-533?? My netbook supports DDR2-400 and DDR2-533 2GB maximum... I am pretty sure that DDR2 RAM is faster than DDR1 eventhough the clock speeds might be the same...

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You can not install the wrong RAM to a system

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Only 1 RAM slot....

If the M'Board requires SO DDR11 RAM you can not install SO DDR1 RAM. The layout of the RAM Module is different and DDR1 Modules will not fit into a DDR11 or DDR111 Socket. The same applies in reverse so the different RAM Modules are not interchangeable.

If it's designated to use DDR11 RAM that is what you need to buy.

You can also check out the Corsair Memory Locater here for your System



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Ram speed

by TobiF In reply to Only 1 RAM slot....

It was mentioned before in this thread, but just to make it more clear.

If a computer has a max speed for addressing the memory, then you'll get max performance if your memory meets the same speed. With faster memory, you won't get any further speed boast. The only thing that will happen is that the memory will have stabilized its output for some while when the computer gets around to reading it.
Reasons to buy quicker memory could be availability, price or plans to reuse same memory in future systems with higher speed.
(But always carefully check recommendations, some older systems and memory types could misbehave with too fast ram installed!)

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RAM Speeds are measured as a Maximum Possible and are in relation

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I have a doubt... concern ...

To the FSB of the CPU. What you need to understand is that the CPU works best in Dual Channel Mode and when set that way with 2 Identical RAM Modules each RAM Module runs at exactly Half of the Rated FSB Speed. So you have 2 Channels of RAM feeding a 533 MHZ which is what the CPU wants not what the RAM is capable of feeding it at.

There are other Limiting Factors involved here little things like the Chip Set of the M'Board are important but as the Atom CPU can only work at 533 it is being feed at 266 MHZ which is the fastest that 1 Module in Single Channel Mode can work at and still keep a stable CPU.

Doesn't matter what the RAM is capable of running at just what the CPU and Chip Set Supports. So if you where using 2 Identical RAM Modules in Dual Channel Mode it would show 533 MHZ but even still each RAM Module would be running at 266 MHZ which when doubled as there are two of them gives you 533 MHZ.


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Only 1 RAM slot....

by cyberghost_1 In reply to RAM Speeds are measured a ...

The Chipset supports 2GB DDR2-400/DDR2-533....so if I upgrade to 2GB DDR2-800, like u mentioned, the clock speed will still run at 533(266) since its in single channel mode due to only having 1 SO-DIMM slot...

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No that will not happen

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Only 1 RAM slot....

To use Dual Channel Mode you need 2 RAM Modules.

If you can not install 2 RAM Modules the unit is restricted to Single Channel Mode unless the makers have done something very tricky with the M'Board Chip Set. While it's possible to use 1 RAM Module in Dual Channel Mode it involves using Double Sided RAM Modules and treating each side of the Module Separately. So if you have 1 Single Sided Module it acts like Single Channel RAM and if you have a Double Sided RAM Module it acts like Dual Channel RAM.

As this is a Expensive Trick for a NetBook it's very unlikely to be involved so the RAM will stay in Single Channel Mode and run at 50% of the FSB of the CPU.


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Double-sided RAM...

by cyberghost_1 In reply to No that will not happen

I know about double-sided RAM modules for PC?s but not for Netbooks... how expensive is a double-sided RAM module about?? Since my Chipset supports up to 2 GB DDR2 @ 400 and 533 and my FSB is 533MHz, can my system support or even handle a double-sided RAM module and function in dual channel alright??

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