I have a Gateway P4 that has issues when I start it up

By mfortes ·
I tried swapping cases with it and when I did that I didnt realize the power supply was not compatible with the my board. After I placed it back into the same box and start it up the CPU fan ran but had a error saying that the CMOS battery is low. SO then I swapped battery's from another motherboard and another error came up saying that the boot up sequence is not working properly. So I bounced the box and got a yellow light... I am not sure whats going on. I even tried taking out the video card to see if I hear a beep...

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to I have a Gateway P4 that ...

try putting a bit of aluminium foil in between the cmos battery and the connector

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So what exactly is your problem?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I have a Gateway P4 that ...

You change the CMOS Battery and got a message that the BIOS was wrong. Well what can you expect you remove the Power Source for some Volatile Memory and do not expect it to default back to its original settings. Is that it?

Whenever you change a BIOS Battery you need to reset the BIOS and at the very least the Date & Time but quite often other things as well. What the message should have read is that there have been changes to the BIOS press F1 to continue or some other Key to enter Setup so you can setup the BIOS to the correct settings.

That would include resetting the Date & Time as depending on how long ago the M'Board was made and by who you could very well be showing a year 2000 January 1 date or earlier. Doesn't matter what OS you are running no one is going to accept that and run when it has date stamps on the HDD up to 007. The OS will not be capable of believing the incompatible data that is being feed to it and as it relies on the RTC to set the Date & Time that will be the control point that it's working from so it obviously can not be sometime in January 2000 and have date stamps on the HDD for January 007 can it?

What exactly do you mean by So I bounced the box and got a yellow light? If that means that you dropped the case while it was running I certainly hope that you have a lot of money to pay for replacement parts, HDD's can take quite a lot of abuse when the are not running but the moment that they get moved while running all bets are off. I've seen HDD's destroyed by a heavy bump on the case while they where running you don't need to hit a computer with a Sledge Hammer to make it work if anything that is likely to do much more harm that good and break things.

Restart the Computer and then Enter BIOS and set the Date & Time and if you have a floppy installed make sure that it's enabled and if you don't have one make sure that the Floppy is disabled. Then look at the IDE Drives available at the very least there should be 1 HDD and 1 optical drive depending on the maker of the M'Board you may need to detect the HDD or you may be able to set the IDE Chanel's to Auto Detect. The other thing that you'll need to look at is the Boot order which should be Floppy then CD/DVD then HDD 0 if you have a floppy and if not it should be CD/DVD, HDD 0.

When you have made these changes save the settings and exit and the computer will proceed to reboot and should start this time provided that you haven't destroyed the HDD along the way.


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