I have a Internal Lan Of OFC how can i imporve internal speed

By sundarmurthy ·
I am having OFC Optic fiber cable layed in my office network, i want to improve the performance or speed of it how can i doso,it takes 5 10 minutes to transfer a 500Mb of data , please help me any one to solve this.Do nic cards help or do the 1000G of lan on server could improve please let me know.

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RE: Do nic cards help or do the 1000G

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I have a Internal Lan Of ...

Everything int he LAN Chain affects this.

If you have a 10 MEG Per Second Ethernet network over copper it's not going to be any improvement in speed of the Network Traffic by fitting a OFC Backbone as the computers will still be sending receiving at 10 MBS.

Also unless you are a Scientific Institution you will not be having Fiber to the Workstation which is horrendously expensive but that would improve Network Speed to the upper limit of the individual computers.

So any existing Copper network will be the slow point.


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