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I have a interview tomorrow

By tywife25 ·
Good Evening everyone, i just want to let you guys know that i have a interview tomorrow @ 1:00. i am so excited and nerves all at the same time.this is my second IT interview and i know not all interviews are the same. one of my problems is the Job description, it's a mile long and i have no idea on what to expect this time. I'm interviewing for a PC support role and i never worked in IT besides my internship which was 2 years ago. so troubleshooting different problems is not something i do everyday... and when i do it's small stuff around the office email, printer, copier jams etc.. Sometimes i feel i don't have enough technical skills to feel confident. But my personality and smile usually works for me in most cases... the one thing i do know is once i get my foot in the door everything will come together. its just getting in with little experience

Do anyone have pointers for me?

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by santeewelding In reply to I have a interview tomorr ...

But only to confirm the points you already appear to grasp.

Good luck!

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Nobody has enough technical skills

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I have a interview tomorr ...

There's always a new wrinkle, a piece of kit new to you, a way of working, a strange combination of known tech.

What you need to show confidence is your ability to pick it up.

Troubleshooting is the skill, which way up the ink cartridge goes is knowledge.

Don't worry about the mile long job description, that's just HR bollocks to cut the number of applicants.

Concentrate on what you know. If they ask a question you can't answer say so, along with I'd have to google that, or if you can pin it down, waht sort of resources you know are available to redress your current ignorance efficiently.

Enjoying the job, and being excited about it while seeming naive to a bitter old sod like myself are things you should push

I got my start in IT with no experience and no qualifications (many moons ago). I knew I didn't have the required knowlegde. I knew I needed to hone my skills, I knew I was by no means the finished article (nor am I now twenty + years later).

It's numpties who think they know it all we need to be wary of. They don't ask, they assume. They don't trouble shoot they do what they did last week to waht they think it is. 99% of the time making a complete arse of the job as well.

Best of luck, any sane hiring manager is going to want to see what's apparent from your post, enthusiasm for the opportunity.

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