I have a laptop problem?

By Sergio409 ·
Well i have a dv6700 hp pavillion laptop. The problem with it is whenever the charger is plugged in.. i press the power button and sometimes i get a black screen or i hear a beeping noise on the left side then it shuts down... Now when ever the charger is unplugged and i press the power button nothing happens at all. Another thing is whenever its plugged in and i randomly take the charger off everything turns off.. Any solutions?

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Sounds like your battery has died

by robo_dev In reply to I have a laptop problem?

Thus nothing works without the adapter.

The black-screen beep and shut down could be several things. A common issue is that the power supply connector is broken, such that the power supply cannot always supply adequate power.

While it sounds likely that your battery has failed, if the power supply brick is faulty or the connector on the laptop is damaged, then the battery will not charge.

The screen going black power-down sounds a lot like what a laptop does when it has a dead battery or a failing/faulty power supply.

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From your will need to give it at least 8 hours to charge.

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to I have a laptop problem?

It is either:
1) Battery needs charging fully.
2) You need a new battery because it is dead.
That is all i can say from your post, unless you give us more details on what you have done.
Now, do you give the laptop battery a chance to fully charge up?
If not then you will need to give it at least 8 hours to charge.
If you want to use the laptop when/while it is charging then give it half an hour and it will be fine, but leave it plugged in when you switch it off or power down.

Also read robo_dev's post as above.

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hp 6xxx laptops have the same problem

by 1pman In reply to I have a laptop problem?

all the hp 6xxx laptops have the same problem.
cuz the video chip and cpu are setting too close together.
You would need to buy a new laptop or to find someone who can reflow the chipset for you.
You can find that information on youtube as well.
But those guys do the chipset reflow without using a reflow station..... interesting.

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