I have a Lenovo Think pad(R61e) laptop. it is slow and I can't multitask ?

By Novice_techie ·
The Processor is Intel Celeron (2GHZ) 1GB RAM, OS is Windows Vista (Home Basic).The Problem is that I can't multi task...Even if two browser windows and a media player are open the memory consumption is pretty high.I frequently use software such as MS Visual Web Developer & MS Visual C# developer(Which I know are pretty high on memory consumption).Now my basic question is that shall I try a RAM upgrade or is it the Celeron processor which is the limiting factor? O.r shall I switch to Windows XP or Windows 7 for that matter.I have tried all other possible ways,Its not a virus infection or a worm.Kindly help.

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Up the RAM to as much as the System can carry

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I have a Lenovo Think pad ...

According to Corsair it should be 4 GIG so install all of the 4 GIG that this can use.


While the Celeron isn't a great CPU it is also an expensive proposition to change one and the Performance Increase isn't that great if it is the only change made. You'll get the Best Performance Increase by installing 4 GIG of RAM than anything else that you can try here.


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What about my Celeron Processor?

by Novice_techie In reply to Up the RAM to as much as ...

The site u referred suggests 4 GB RAM for a Core 2 Duo processor but mine is a Celeron will a RAM upgrade solve my problem?Shall I try Winows XP?

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Go to Crucial.com if you're not going to take OH Smeg's advice.

by Ron K. In reply to What about my Celeron Pro ...

Besides accepting your input Crucial can scan your machine and tell you exactly what it'll take.

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Well you can upgrade in steps if required

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What about my Celeron Pro ...

Start off with upping the system RAM to 4 GIG and if you still need to improve performance you can either load XP or change the CPU.

Vista has a much bigger Footprint than XP so it is slower on the same hardware than XP is but that doesn't mean that it will not suit your needs.

As for the CPU this is important for Large Number Crunching Jobs but even then the main difference that you notice between different CPU's is related to the L2 Cache which is Memory built into the CPU. So the more L2 Cache that you have the faster the system appears to be.


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