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I have a non-bootable copy of Windows ME, how do I boot from it?

By cjk_service ·
Hi All! I have a non-bootable copy of windows millenium edition. I need to re-install it onto my old computer. How can I boot from the non-bootable cd? Please help! Thanks! :)

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I assume it is OEM

by The Listed 'G MAN' In reply to I have a non-bootable cop ...

does the 'old computer' hold a valid licence for this copy of WME?
(OEM Sticker for Windows ME on the machine, with CD key)

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You don't have to boot from the CD

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I have a non-bootable cop ...

Boot the system and stick the CD in. If the Autorun.inf doesn't kick in, use My Computer to open the CD and manually start Setup.exe or Install.exe.

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I think

by The Listed 'G MAN' In reply to You don't have to boot fr ...

said 'Old Machine' is just one this person picked up and they are looking to install their existing (in use on another machine) OEM in it.

May be incorrect however.

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upgrade it, boot with iso image

by cholan41 In reply to I have a non-bootable cop ...

now wht type of os u hv , if u need boot cd u can download iso image from internet and boot ur sytem and then u upgrade it with ur cd

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You need to boot from floppy

by j-mart In reply to I have a non-bootable cop ...

Make a bootable floppy (win95 win98 or even dos 6.2). On this bootable disk you will need a good garden variety CD driver eg. oakcdrom.sys and also a copy of MSCDEX.exe. with a text editor make a file on this disk - config.sys with the following line

device=oakcdrom.sys /D:oemcd001

If you are using another driver than the one form oak replace "oakcdrom.sys" with "name of driver.sys

Make another file autoexec.bat with the following line

mscdex.exe /D:oemcd001 /L

If you boot from this disk you should end up with a command prompt then with the CD in the drive type in to change to the cd (on drive) from where you should be able to run setup to start the install process.

If you also add the following lines to your autoexec.bat file


on booting from the floppy with the windows-ME disk in the cd drive this should the boot into the windows setup program.

one thing you sould do is check your bios to see if it is set up to boot from floppy. while **** this you should also check to see if you can enable booting from cd, in which case you would the set to first boot cd drive and then could boot directly from cd.

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To Everybody!

by cjk_service In reply to You need to boot from flo ...

Thanks for all of your advice! My pc is a dell optiplex GX110. I got a Dell Windows Me CD that was to scratched to read, luckily, i managed to back it up to my pc, and when I re-burned it to CD, it wasn't bootable. so there you go! that is when I started this blog. But it all works fine now! Thanks to all of you again!


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how funny

by jdclyde In reply to To Everybody!

that the cd could not be read but it could be copied.

And no, copies of install disks are NEVER bootable. That is one of the things they did to try to stop people like you from stealing the software.

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