I have a problem reinstalling xp on my pc

By fafdsfs ·
My computer has a virus that makes the pc reboot over and over again. I only see the desktop for about 10sec and then it reboots. I ran my pc in safe mode and it works fine so i decided to reinstall xp from there. I put in the cd, type in my serial number, hit next and i get a message saying "Setup was unable to retrieve or save information about your disk drives". One guy told me this "Your best bet would be to find out what drive it is (who made it), go to the manufacturer's website and download the diagnostic ISO for CD, or image for floppy..and do a low level format of the drive.

This will wipe the drive clean, including the master boot record. XP setup will then see it as a new drive".

If i take his advice it will wipe out the old xp which means i wont be able to run xp in safe mode any more (correct?). What im worried is my pc wont boot xp from the cd (and yes i checked the boot order) so if i wipe out my hard drive i wont be able to go into safe mode anymore which means i'm screwed. Can someone please help me out. Thank you.

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Wipe it

by artillary2001 In reply to I have a problem reinstal ...


you will get problems like this with windows a lot... the best solution would be to wipe it clean, if ur worried about the data on the hard disk... why not run a linux live disc and copy all the data to a portable external drive and then wipe it clean.. or if your up for it and there is a problem with ur windows os u could try fixing it with the live disc, u will need to mount ur windows drive and then as long as it was formatted with FAT 32 you should be able to edut tge files, however if its NTFS then u will be unable to change anything.... hope this helps.

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by amoeba In reply to I have a problem reinstal ...

Do you have an option while booting up to select a boot menu? Most BIOS' do, it is either F8 or F12 at the initial system screen. If you wait too long, F8 will call up the Windows diagnostic screen you are using to get into safe-mode. That should allow you to boot of the cd, you will need to press a key to get the system to actually boot off the cd (it will detect there is an OS installed and by default runs a timer just to make sure you really want to boot off the cd).

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with...

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Did you fix?

by mr_t_wright In reply to I have a problem reinstal ...

Hi, did you get through your problem? I read your problem and some of the replies. So you said it works fine in Safe mode right? So save all the data and do a "clean install". After you safe your data put the Xp disk in turn the unit off then back on press the F12 key until it brings you to the boot options screen. Boot from your cd. When you get to the options select install "enter" not "R" for repair. When it takes you to the next section delete the previous partition, select delete, and then "L" to confirm and just follow the process...

Good luck

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Why not clean it

by IC-IT In reply to I have a problem reinstal ...

You can download Spybot Search and Destroy and Malwarebytes and clean it from Safe Mode.
Here is a Jackie Link that shows very clear directions;

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