I have a problem with burning an ISO using PowerISO

By JellyBin ·
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Hello everyone, I'm trying to burn a game using PowerIso. I understand the basics of burning but this would be the first time I am doing this. I am burning a 640mb iso file onto either a dvd r or rw (I am having the same problem for both). In the burning drive section it says a complicated name that starts with [E:] which I'm pretty sure isnt the drive the disk is in and the dropdown menu doesn't contain any other drives. When I try to burn the files it immediately says "media detect failed, or no media in the drive.". Can someone please tell me whats going on and/or how to fix this?

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by TaggartDagny In reply to I have a problem with bur ...

are you sure that PowerIso is installed correctly? maybe you should reinstall it. or your drive doesn't work, or your drive is so old and doesn't see dvd (only cd's)))), or your Iso file is corrupted (you can find out it by mounting a virtual drive).

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I don't use this software so I'm not sure how it works but

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I have a problem with bur ...

On their Web Site they have a Tutorials Tab which I think you should have a look at. Normally your Optical Drive will appear in the Burning Software and show the same Drive Name as what it appears in My Computer. So if your DVD Burner is E in your System then it will be E in the Burning Software.

There however could be a problem if you have more than one Burning Software installed you may need to remove the other one if you want to use Power ISO.

The other thing is that DVDs can carry 4.8 Gigs of Information and a Recordable CD will Burn 700 Megs so if you have a ISO which decompressed to 640 Meg and are attempting top burn it to DVD that may be your problem the Burning software sees the wrong Media Type in the Drive and is spitting the dummy as you are attempting to burn the ISO to a much bigger Disc than what it actually needs.

BTW the Web page for the Tutorials is here


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A little addition

by GeorgeJ0 In reply to I have a problem with bur ...

Hello JellyBin, it seems that TaggartDagny and HAL 9000 pointed out most of reasons that can cause this issue and there is nothing much to add. Still, to me it feels like the problem is PowerISO versus your computer. Meaning you may have a CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive. You can read CDs and DVDs but only can write DVDs.

Also as you mentioned that you are doing it for the first time so like HAL, I would also suggest you to read/watch the tutorial available on the software. I visited the link HAL provided and it seemed very descriptive. Still you can visit the link I am providing for both step by step tutorial with images and a video tutorial on the software. Link -

If nothing works out then I think you should consider using other free softwares that does exactly the same. You can either use

a) Magic ISO -

b) AShampoo -

Hope you can solve your problem real soon.

Take care.

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