i have a problem with my hard disk, can anybody help?

By xerdex099 ·
I deleted two different partitions on my desktop hard disk but did not format or created a new partition from the un-partition space before shutting down.
I later tried to start up the system but it refused to boot; it only displays the first start-up screen and it won't go any further nor will it enter into setup. I detached my hard disk from the motherboard and restarted the system, it enter setup since that's all i could do without a hard disk connected. I keep getting stuck with the startup screen whenever i reconnect the hard disk....
I really need to get this fixed... Anybody with an idea of what can be done to fix it should reply or get in touch at

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Not really sure what you deleted in the way of Partition here

by OH Smeg In reply to i have a problem with my ...

But it sounds as if you have deleted the Primary Partition on the HDD which contains the Primary Boot Files.

If that's the case your only alternative here is to reload the system with your OS Install Disc.

If you don't have a Solid working Backup and this data is still on your HDD you can use a Live Linux to Boot the system and copy your data to something that you have available.

To get a Live Linux you can go to your local newsagent and buy a Linux Magazine with a Live Linux on the Cover Disc or download one from here

All you need do is download the ISO of your preferred Linux burn it to a CD and then stick the CD into the nonworking computers Optical Drive and boot the system.

After the Linux OS Opens you can then copy your Data to whatever you have available.


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BIOS Splash or Windows Starting?

by TheChas In reply to i have a problem with my ...

Is this stopping on a BIOS splash or POST screen?
If so, even though you just deleted partitions, double check the jumpers on the hard drive. Western Digital drives in particular will stop the POST process if the drive jumpers are not correct. This applies to IDE (PATA) drives more than SATA drives.

If this drive was configured as a single drive RAID volume using a utility that is part of the motherboard controller, you may have deleted the partition with the configuration information, and that is what is locking up the POST process.

I would mount a new hard drive and install your OS and software. Then, place this drive in an external drive enclosure to retrieve your data.


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Reponse To Answer

by xerdex099 In reply to BIOS Splash or Windows St ...

It's BIOS splash. Does this mean that the hard disk is completely damaged? Cos i already thought of getting an external hard disk enclosure to format the hard disk on a friend's system, to see if the hard disk will work well again. I foot really care about the files on it cos this is the second hard disk that it's happening to and i can't afford to buy another hard disk right now. I really appreciate your comment. Thanks & God bless you.

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