I have a problem with my laptop

By kostaq_hila ·
I have a laptop HP Pavillion. I have changed the battery. But the monitor of the laptop is still working as it works with battery, i.e. its light is not strong as it it would be under electric power.

I need help what is happening?

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Change your power management setting

by Why Me Worry? In reply to I have a problem with my ...

by default, Windows will dim the LCD to conserve battery power when the AC adapter isn't plugged in

you can override this setting, but you will be consuming more battery power

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Maybe you need a HP AC adapter

by In reply to I have a problem with my ...

Some time, maybe the HP laptop battery need a HP AC adapter to transform.

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Waht was the original reason for changing the battery?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I have a problem with my ...

It could be that the problem lay with your AC adaptor too.

It sounds as if the system is detecting No AC coming into the battery, and dimming the screen as it should if it is only running on battery power.

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