I have a question about hardware, modems and viruses.

By fafdsfs ·
This is a two part question. I was in my room sitting at my computer and these two questions came to my mind and i'm really curious to find out an answer.

1) Can hardware in a pc get a virus and if so are there any programs that scan and remove viruses from hardware.

2) Is it possible for a virus to infect a internet modem?

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Very remotely possible.

by seanferd In reply to I have a question about h ...

But highly unlikely. The malware or virus would have to be written specifically for that hardware, and its current firmware revision, if any.

Certain "hardware" infections have occurred, though. Not sure that you could get software to find this, especially if it stays in a device like a modem. Most malware would make itself known on the hard drive at some point, so a scanner would detect it. Removing the infection from such a device would involve deleting and re-flashing the firmware.

There is malware out there that can be extremely difficult to detect and/or remove without completely wiping a hard drive or flash drive.

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by M@gnesium In reply to I have a question about h ...

It would most likely be a case of software being corrupt causing the hardware to work incorrectly -- example: BIOS becoming corrupt and therefore becoming very hard to fix.

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