I have a server 2003 Raid 1 add a drive

By freddozsa ·
I would like to add an sata drive to my raid 1 configuration. I added the drive power & cable to the motherboard but no drive shows up.

any ideas

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The reason that no drive shows up

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I have a server 2003 Raid ...

Is that if it's new it is yet to be formatted. It remains a Blank Drive without a Drive Letter till it is Formatted.

Go into the Drive Management on the server and locate the new drive and when you move the mouse pointer over it you should be prompted to Prepare it so accept this option and when that is finished Right Click on it and Format as required. Then open Explorer or whatever you prefer and you'll see the new drive.


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RAID 1 = mirrored discs

by CG IT In reply to The reason that no drive ...

so if you already have 2 discs, unless you go to RAID 10 [RAID 1 +0] you can't add a disc to the RAID array

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Well I didn't read the question that way

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to RAID 1 = mirrored discs

I read it as the OP has a RAID 1 Setup in their server and wanted to add another SATA HDD to the Server.

That is certainly possible but until it is formatted it will never appear. But then again maybe I misunderstood the intention of the Question.


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well if they ever post back, which I doubt, maybe they will shed light

by CG IT In reply to I have a server 2003 Raid ...

on what they want to do.

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