I have a Smartdisk Firelite Model#USBFLB80-C. My laptop will not recognize.

By danomck ·
I have a Dell laptop using Windows XP. I haven't used my Firelite in a 9 months. It worked great then but "My Computer" won't recognize it as a drive now. I have checked the Device Manager and it recognizes the USB connector as being attached to a mass storage device. I can hear the drive whirling, but no blue light. Am I hooped or is there a solution to get this drive read?

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did you get this resolved?

by mmccoy In reply to I have a Smartdisk Fireli ...

I am having the same issue - wondering if you ever got it resolved.

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Does this device have a secondary power connection?

by robo_dev In reply to I have a Smartdisk Fireli ...

A common issue with external USB hard drives is that they do not get enough current to run, especially from the USB port on some laptops.

Therefore, they often include either a 'double headed' USB cable, or a USB cable that goes into a separate barrel-connector on the drive. In most cases BOTH must be used, or the drive will not start spinning.

A common issue in the old days was 'stiction' where the hard drive would be stuck and would not spin-up. The fix was to rotate the drive by shaking it in your hand, like a can of spray paint. This would break the bearings free so that the drive would start.

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