I have a weird profile on my PC

By mjd ·
the user was not created by me and i am unable to delete it. I have Norton system works 2007, which says the system is clean. when I try to delete this account (which is named Administrator.JOSH) it tells me "administrator.josh is a system folder and is required for windows to run properly. it cannot be deleted"

what is it and how do i removed

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System Properties

by Churdoo In reply to I have a weird profile on ...

Delete the profile from System Properties...

Get to your system properties (right-click on your My Computer icon and select Properties). Go to the Advanced tab and in the User Profiles area in the middle, select the Settings button. Profiles present on your system will be listed here. Select the one you don't want and press the Delete button.

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Weird Profile is back

by mjd In reply to System Properties

the account showed back up again after I rebooted, could it be some sort of spy ware. the profile seems to be larger now after the reboot. Any help is appreciated, thanks

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I assume

by Tig2 In reply to Weird Profile is back

That you have run spy ware and AV? If you have not yet, do so from Safe Mode and without network support.

CClean recursively after you run those two- find it at Free tool that I would not be without.

On posting back, please include the machine you are working on along with it's OS and version.

Good Luck!

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Same problem

by karmana1 In reply to I assume

I had a client with the same problem recently; no amount of av/spyware cleaning would remove the account, including TheCleaner, AVG, Adaware, etc. In the end it turned out to be a faster fix, to reformat/reinstall Windows, educate the user, and turn on their firewall.

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****.Administrator accounts

by Langlier In reply to Same problem

are normally created when there is an existing folder for an account with the same name in the documents and settings area. That account either was deleted and its files never were or there was an OS installed on top of a previous OS and the account name was the same. The account was given administrator privleges and thus designated as such because windows isnt smart enough to realize the old account is no longer in use.

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