I Have An Idea...

By dwyeredward1 ·
I have an idea for a web/internet based utility, but not sure how or where to get help on making it happen. Any help?

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The answer is 42

by TobiF In reply to I Have An Idea...

That was a very general question. Almost as general as the one on the meaning of life and everything.
If you believe in the idea and can do it, then do it.
If you want to check if it's worth doing, then you need to find someone who could help you discussing this.
If you need money, then build a business case and next think of whom to convince...

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No, NO and NO

by cmiller5400 In reply to The answer is 42

The answer is always 7 ]:)

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Still not quite right.

by seanferd In reply to No, NO and NO

If that is the correct answer, then it is <font size=4><b>7</b></font>. With a little bit of reverb.

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Actually the question is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to The answer is 42

What is the meaning of Life the Universe and Everything.

the Correct Answer as thought out by Deep Thought is 42.

To understand the answer you first need to understand the question.

Here I understand neither or why it was listed under Security. :0


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Start with a local web design shop.

by DMambo In reply to I Have An Idea...

First, document your idea, and then start with a wed design outlet to see if they see any practicality. If necessary, get a lawyer to work up a non-disclosure agreement. Protect your intellectual property!

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Find a web application designer?

by seanferd In reply to I Have An Idea...

Since we are entirely in the dark here, it depends on what you want the utility to do.

A simple web utility may only require a simple web page with a link to start the utility, which could be a standard application, for which you simply define the inputs. E.g., a lot of web-based DNS utilities work this way. Results display may involve a bit more work, but again, we have no idea what you are looking for.

Currently, you can still patent incredibly fuzzy ideas related to software (see pretty much any software patent, like the website "shopping cart" patent. This may keep you safe enough to discuss your idea, or you may find it is already patented, or obvious, or that there is prior art.

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