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I Have AT&T Cable,

By gmickel1955 ·
I have AT&T and just Recently they Started allowing Networking of up to 5 PC's within one System.I also Have a Satellite That I purchased from AOL Some Time Back but was not Satisfied with It Due to the Fact that it still tied up the Phoneand It Only Worked about 20% of the Time.My Question Now is Is there a way to Connect the Satellite to My Cable System and Maybe Speed Things Up Some my downloads now are anywhere between 150mbps to 500mbps with a tweak I Got from but I am afraid they will slow down when I network in the two other PC's in the house to the Cable Modem.I have a Linksys 5-Port Network Hub Model#LH100H5 and 2 Linksys Ethernet Network Adapters Model#LH10U.I do have enough Cable to Connect Everything I/E Cable to Satellite then to Satellite DirecPC Modem or Cable Modem to Satellite Modem then to Network Hub,But am not sure how to Connect all this or if I Need to,or If it will really Work?

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I Have AT&T Cable,

by eBob In reply to I Have AT&T Cab ...

Likley not. This would require AT&T to route your downloads through the "satellite", and they're hardly likely to want to do that.

You'll be OK with 4 or 5 PCs on your cable connection. The 2 problems with cable are related to this being a sharedmedium, locally: inconsistent speed, security. Just make sure that you've locked down your systems. See for some great info on this.

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I Have AT&T Cable,

by gmickel1955 In reply to I Have AT&T Cab ...

Does Help Some as Now I Know that I May Have to Go Through AT&T @home to allow my Use of the satellite in the Cable System.I Am adding Antivirus to the PC's that the antivirus is outdated and a Firewall.I will check for any other Possible Security Issues.I am Still on AOL for my mother until I can network everything and can Download the Needed Files from them before Discontinuing my Membership with AOL.

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