I have been connected to a DSL ISP but I don't know who

By tonic ·
I applied for a DSL connection through many providers to be told I couldn't get it in my home due to problems at the exchange. It has however gone live and I have contacted the providers and they all say they havn't connected me.

How do I find out what ISP it is?

I cannot view the web when I am connected through this ISP connection.

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Look at Telstra as the possible problem Service

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I have been connected to ...

After dealing with them for over 3 years I can quite honestly say that they are completely Hopeless!

They are unable to issue a bill that bears any resemblance to what is going on and can not even tell what your current Account is. They insisted that they couldn't provide a connection here but then posted out a Self Install Kit and when setup and connected it worked even though they continued to insist that they couldn't supply a connection. They even took 6 months to issue a initial bill but as I blackmailed the Federal Communications Minister to get the connection prior to a Federal Election I don't think that they really cared in the slightest.

They are completely hopeless and don't try to correct the problems that they have made for themselves. On the last phone call to them last week after receiving 3 different bills one day after the other they finally claimed that Bigpond was getting the money and not passing it on for the Phone bill even though both accounts are different and are paid separately. As a finial conclusion I decided to forget what I was being told by the Accounts Department and just pay the monthly bills of the amount that they should be and wait for Telstra & Bigpond to work out their mess themselves as I'm now sick & tired of attempting to set them straight. That is all occurring in Brisbane as well.


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Not surprised

by tonic In reply to Look at Telstra as the po ...

Yes it would not surprise me in the least if it is Telstra. I don't really care who it is though, as long as I can figure out how to get it working.

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re: find your ISP

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to I have been connected to ...

Use your browser and go to then write down the IP number it gives you. This is your external IP. Then go to any of the whois lookup services (I use then go to WhoIs) to see who that IP address is registered to. The answer you get may be a holding company, but at least you'll have a clue on where to start looking. There should be contact information listed for tech support.

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by tonic In reply to re: find your ISP

Thanks but I can't use my browser when I am connected to this service.

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IP is nothing to do with ISP

by ravonmail-xsxs In reply to re: find your ISP

IP is nothing to do with ISP
you need to go back to school.

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Here in the States, it is........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to IP is nothing to do with ...

... and should be over there as well.

I'm not talking about the internal IP shown in IPConfig. I'm looking at my external one, which is what (and many others) will show you. For example, a WhoIs on my current external IP says it is a number out of a pool of numbers assigned to Charter Communications, my ISP.

The same works at each of the 12 offices I am responsible for, both big and small, as well as every computer in someone's home I've ever gone to work on. It tells me the name of the company who is providing the service (ISP).

Perhaps school is in order for you.

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ravonmail, I am so embarrassed for you

by jdclyde In reply to Here in the States, it is ...

to open your mouth to chastise about something you clearly are ignorant of must have presented you with many red faces over the years. And to pick a two year old question to do it in, as if looking to embarrass yourself intentionally? Success.

Every ISP has their own IP range assigned to them. Back to school indeed....

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Oh, indeed it is

by neilb@uk In reply to IP is nothing to do with ...

IP addresses are usually assigned to ISPs using location-based blocks. Most IP address can be used to identify the country or even region in which a computer is connected to the Internet. That's why, when you get those invitational pop-ups when you're surfing porn, they seem to know where you live.

Mavis in Finsbury Park...


Well, I only know that theoretically, of course.

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Dunce's Cap and Small Stool Award :: ravonmail-xsxs ! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to IP is nothing to do with ...

Egg on face for you eh?

Let's take the opposite tack then - if IP is nothing to do with ISP, then what is? Eh?

I was going to launch into a vociferous diatribe until the pus ran down your nose to congeal with the pool of sweat gathering on your upper lip, as you nervously realised what a complete twonk you had just made of yourself, but then I thought better of it. :)

Suffice to say, all offers of 'Services' that I appear to attract, all seem to think that I live in the Maidenhead, Berkshire area of England. That's because the Virgin Media server lives there - and the IP never changes.

Now Bob, you be a good little boy and go and sit over there in that corner, facing the wall.

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check for the following:

by johnmariquit In reply to I have been connected to ...

1. How are you connected to this "unknown" ISP? Do you have a physical cable connected from your PC to a box/modem/router/wall outlet?

2. If you don't have a physical connection, are you connected wirelessly to this ISP? (Usually would require you to have either a USB/PCMCIA/PCI -based wireless adapter as well)

3. Are you on Windows or Unix? If on Windows, open a console by clicking on Start->Run and type "cmd" (sans the quotes) and press enter. Otherwise, on unix variants, try to open a terminal window such as xterm, etc.

3a. On windows, type "ipconfig /all".
3b. On unix, type "ifconfig -a".

4. Whichever platform you use, take note of the IP address that was assigned to you. (Usually, in the form of

5. Go to DNSStuff ( another machine that has internet access. Use the "IP Whois Lookup" tool found on that site and plug in the IP addresses you collected.

It should give you an idea who owns the IP address that was assigned to you.

As for the access, some DSL providers activates the connection (brings it live) but prevents the user to surf unless they visit a portal page to activate subscription. Try opening the browser, and go to a common site such as to see if the traffic is redirected to a portal page.

We could help you more if you could provide additional information (such as the output of the "ipconfig /all" (on Windows) or "ifconfig -a" (on Unix) for us to work with. Also a "netstat -an" (works on both Windows and Unix) could also help determine if your connection does indeed come from an ISP or not.

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