By blohrtzz ·
while i ws browsing a normal website dat i usually go to, a pop up suddenly came up covering the entire screen and it does not allow me to do anything xcpt just gape at it.
the pop up says it is frm the government and since i have violated some sections of the cyber laws so i must pay them 300$ within 72 hrs to remove the block.
whenevr i restart my laptop,i get automatically connected to the internet via broadband as datz my default system works fyn fr the initial 20 mins.after this the pop up reappears n blocks the entire screen!
need urgnt help cz me do most of my business frm d laptop n currently cant invest in a new laptop.
I HAVE XP(probably 32 bit version) and used aol protection.i dont remembr my firewall's status(sry).
can i get rid of it without formatting my machine..i have lots of business related data on it??

please suggest and u can let me know if there is any more info dat i may provide fr better assisitance.

thanks in advance to all doz who even had the slightest thought of helpin me out and greatly obliged to d people who reall will b helping me out wid dis!!
thanks n cheers :)

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Safe Mode

by Sawan Gupta In reply to I HAVE BEEN HACKED!!A SCR ...

You might want to physically disconnect the broadband cable and run a full system antivirus and a malware scan.

After that you might want to boot into Safe Mode and uninstall programs which you think is causing the issue.

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Yo dawg!..

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to I HAVE BEEN HACKED!!A SCR ...

U really xpect NEone to take you seriously with dis jive talk dude?

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Reponse To Answer

by jboughton29 In reply to Yo dawg!..

As much as I wanted to help the guy as well, I was very distracted by the lingo and a little put off. If he could write "dis" then I am certain he could have taken the effort to write "this."

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by Ninja1507 In reply to I HAVE BEEN HACKED!!A SCR ...

Do these steps for fastest solution.

- Download linux (Fedora LIVE) from another computer.
- Burn ISO to disc. (Google "Burn ISO")
- Pop disc in infected computer.
- Boot up Fedora (Google "Boot from CD")
- Backup all your important stuff off computer (To flash drive)
- Re-install windows.
- Profit.

In all honesty the Backup and Start from scratch policy is usually faster and more direct than trying to get rid of it like that. Basically you still get to keep your data AND get rid of the virus. This should probably take the better part of an afternoon for someone who has never done it before but trying to remove it with Anti-Virus and stuff could take you a lot longer with no promise that its actually gone for good.

For someone who HAS done this or is fairly tech savvy. It may only take a few hours most of which would be the computer copying files and installing windows (Leaving you able to relax)

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by DaveTheCompGuy In reply to I HAVE BEEN HACKED!!A SCR ...

blohrtzz - That screen you're seeing is 'ransomware' - a type of virus or trojan, that demands money from you in exchange for fixing the problem. Don't believe it. It's criminal, and paying them probably WON'T fix it. They are NOT from the government, the FBI, or anything like that.

Here's a page at F-Secure that explains what it is and how to remove it.

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Reponse To Answer

by DaveTheCompGuy In reply to Here's a link to F-Secure ...

Thanks GamerDad, somehow I missed adding that link.

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Don't react

by alienpirate In reply to I HAVE BEEN HACKED!!A SCR ...

What ever you do DO NOT enter any financial details - they have arrested three guys for this scam one in the UK two in eastern Europe - F-secure has proved to be the best way to get rid of it - that's after trying four other virus killers

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It's a well known virus

by t.hulsebosch In reply to I HAVE BEEN HACKED!!A SCR ...

The screen you describe is a hijack virus.
A very good tool for removal is
Has never let me down.
A english translation can be found at the right side of the screen.

You will probably find it inpossible to run safe mode and set the system back in time?

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by PCtech81 In reply to I HAVE BEEN HACKED!!A SCR ...

Download malwarebytes at (it's free) - preferably from another PC onto a USB stick. Then reboot the infected PC into Safemode, WITHOUT networking, and then run malwarebytes - the full scan. It may take a while, depends on how big your HDD is.

After all is well there, and it's cleaned up any infections, log back on normally and run your normal antivirus software (hopefully you already have one!). Not all programs detect the same things, so redundancy is recommended.

Any questions, let me know.

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