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I have been here for

By zlitocook ·
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A long time and have seen allot of changes. I still have print outs from 98 or 99 for great ways to do things with Win95 and 98. I can scan them in if you want to see them, I have started to look around for other boards to get answers with points. But have found none close to this board.
The others load too much junk, and have no way to see what the responce was. I like one but the webpage will not let you go back to the first question. You need to go back to the first page and find it.
If Techrepublic keeps getting better and fixing the problems it could get back to where it was a few months ago.
I still like the down load section.

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I have been here for a year now

by Kiltie In reply to I have been here for

The first part of that, I just lurked, observing, finding my way around.
Then I tried Q&A. Most had been answered by experts way above me, such as Col (WTG mf), then I found some unanswered ones that fitted my skill set. Woooo Hoooo. Which is great, I was finally able to help people (I love doing that) and learned a lot on the way, merely by reading all the other questions.

The new site design made two huge blunders.

1: Merging Discussions and Q&A (renamed Questions) into one group called Forums. That mix doesn't work at all, I notice that many questions are asked with a discussion tag.

2: Navigation. That sucks BIG time. It is very difficult to find your way around, and posts/topics get cut off, leaving only the most recent at the top, with no way to get at the rest.

UNLESS you know the tags. That also requires the poster to supply the correct relevant tags in the first place, or that system doesn't work.

Sadly, most of us don't remember tags, but we may remember, for example, a fragment of text, a phrase used, so a text search feature would help there (we shouldn't have to use that, when looking for something known, only when searching for something unknown)

However, it appears that the search feature is broken, and needs tags too - which is useless if you don't know them, or they haven't been used appropriately.
Please correct me if I am wrong on this.

I was pleased to note a recent admission that TR got this wrong and will be changing the site back to the way it used to be. Whatever its faults were, it at least worked!!!

Thank you TR and the PTB, you listened

A suggestion has been made, which I agree with, for any future major changes, why not beta test it? Get several of the more prolific posters and experienced members to check out a copy of the system on a new server (say) to iron out bugs and identify problems, BEFORE releasing it to the general membership.

Makes sense to me.

EDIT: The inevitable typo (and I proof read it first (so I thought).

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New today... and an improvement if you ask me

by Tig2 In reply to I have been here for a ye ...

In the old process, you posted to a discussion and were taken to a page that (hopefully) said "your response has been posted" and gave you an option to return to the thread. Now your response posts and you are taken BACK to the discussion- perfect for longer threads! You don't have to scroll through to find your post to proof-read it. As Nick is fond of saying, "post, proof, edit".

I know that there are still bugs and errors and I know that people are frustrated. The fixes HAVE been coming and continue to.

Hang in there folks, we're all in this together!

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