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I have been looking

By zlitocook ·
Around for a new job and it looks like pre 1990 employment requriments. You need five years in deployment in this and fifteen years in Unix updates and five years in XP deployment and a masters degree in what ever. So I need to be 150 years old to apply for this job? Well I may be old but they need to reword the job.

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i agree

by secure_lockdown In reply to I have been looking

the qualification requirements are very strange. i don't know if companies are just naming and lumping everything under the sun in their qualifications req's in the hope of catching as many resumes as possible and be able to pick and choose from a larger pool.

i know if i have all those qualifications - i would be demanding over $100,000/yr.

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there's the rub

by nathandrama In reply to i agree

what they say they want is irrelavant....if you have the skills they want then they want just have to show them...the corporate/manangment types like to make up things with numbers and letters and stuff that they don't even know what it makes them feel like they are doing something....if you have the skills you'll get a job....for serious...don't worry...just go do it..

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Time Warp

by jdmercha In reply to I have been looking

How can you have five years experience with XP?

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Am I underqualified?

by Lpaulus In reply to I have been looking

This discussion seems somewhat relevant to what I'm dealing with. I have an associate's degree in I.T. from 20+ years ago. I've been in the business all that time moving up the ranks from programming to now Systems Development Manager on the IBM midrange platforms. I'm darned good at what I do. I'm a good business analyst, really good programmer and systems designer, and have excellent people skills.

My problem is basically two fold. I have no bachelor's degree and I've been at my present company for 12 years. Sure, I've moved up in responsibility. But I've been limited in my experience with other hardware and software technologies simply because I've been with one company. Now I find my company suffering in this economy and I'm afraid I'll have to find another job soon.

Am I truly underqualified to take a similar position elsewhere? What skills should I seek? I assume getting my bachelor's would be a good idea. But do you think pursuing that degree via online education is worthwhile?

I welcome everyone's input.

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BS may take awhile

by jdmercha In reply to Am I underqualified?

Normally experience counts the most, but when an employer gets 100 resumes the first cut is usually to eliminate all those without a BS. Most accredited Colleges and Universities won't accept a 20 year old AS, and you'd have to start over.

You might want to look at Empire State College in NY or Thoams Edison State College in NJ. (There are probably others but these are the only two I'm aware of.) They are fully accredited by their respective states. They do not hold classses but award degrees based on experience and courses from other schools.

This is usually the quickest way to a BS.

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by TechKid In reply to BS may take awhile

What do you expect to learn in college that's going to help you? That Christopher Columbus didn't really 'discover' america...

Why not take some of that ambition and direct it towards learning a new skill set that you say you can't learn because of how long your tenure is with one company? They have books for that too, and trialware.

I guess in my eyes your argument doesn't make sense.

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No, I don't think your underqualified

by dafe2 In reply to Am I underqualified?

Provided you want to continue to take on bigger challenges:

If I had the skill sets you've just identified I'd concentrate on my management skills maybe get some project management under my belt.

People & Selling skills, combined with a solid track record in IT these days are a very rare combination in my opinion.

Good Luck

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