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I have been reading about SSL security

By zlitocook ·
And I am worried; I buy alot of stuff online. I only use secure sites, the ones that show the lock on the right side. But now it seems that some Trojans and other malware can watch and capture what you are doing and send it back to the evil doer, so they can do many things.

Like send you an exact copy of the bank you were at or the place you bought an on line item at, like Ebay. Some banks and other comanpys have seen this but ignore it to save face.
Credit card companies let you know as fast as they can, because they can be sued and face government charges. But not the companies that excepted the false charges.
How will this effect the way you buy on line?

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Buying on line is cool

by mjd420nova In reply to I have been reading about ...

But I don't, security being the main reason.
The other reason is I don't have a credit card.
I dumped all my cards in 1994 and have had only
one since then. It was AMEX card, I used it
once online, and got double billed and slapped
with charges on options I didn't ask for, so
I paid what was owed and closed the account.
My daughter uses her cards almost exclusively,
and hasn't had any trouble yet.

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you are

by Jaqui In reply to I have been reading about ...

just realising that security online is minimal, no matter what is done to ensure it?

I thought this was common knowledge, amongst everyone but the majority of windows users. [ microsoft doesn't beleive in security, it shows in their reliance on non securable technologies like activex and vbscript ]

Most online security problems actually come from bad website design rather than from malware on client systems. The best way to make sure that you don't get taken, is be very cautious about buying online. pick what companies you will do business with, rather than just buy from this company because you found the product you want at a great price. I personally don't buy online unless the site is scripted to validate, and even then I only use a pre-paid credit card, that I load with enough for the purchase only, no extra charges will go through.

I know a few people who will call the sales department and make their purchase over the phone instead of online.

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Another idea.

by one_of_bunch In reply to I have been reading about ...

Assuming you are in the U.S., you can try something like what I do.

I have a card that I use exclusively for online purchases. When the bill comes in, I pour over the charges to verify that they are legit. If they aren't, I contact the card company immediately. In the U.S., you are only liable for a small amount (usually around $50) in the case that the charge is fraudulent, but you have to contact your card issuer ASAP.

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