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I have Charter Cable internet in one room and I have a laptop in another.

By Goddess_aya2007 ·
I need to connect my laptop that has wireless internet built in to my aunts cable internet. my sister said that I could get a router but I don't know what kind to get? I have a wireless USB network adapter that I connected my desktop to with wireless in college but since I have a laptop I dont know if that is even in the equation. Does someone know what Router I need? The two computers are in different rooms.

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Pretty much any router

by Tig2 In reply to I have Charter Cable inte ...

I use Net Gear because I have had two different Linksys
routers die on me. You will need the cable modem
connected to the router you choose and you will want to
set up WEP at a bare minimum. The software that is
provided with virtually any router out there is really
written for you- they assume that you are an average
home user so it steps you carefully through the set up

I have an HP with built in wireless and a Dell without it.
For the Dell to connect, I use a Net Gear card adapter.
Since I bought the router and the card at the same time, I
know that G works for both. I believe that the gold
standard now is N.

Let us know how you get on!

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by .Martin. In reply to I have Charter Cable inte ...

any wireless router should do, I recommend Netgear or D-link. As I tell people, even an idiot could set up a wireless router, so it shouldn't be much trouble.

to check if you need a wireless adapter, check the manual for the laptop, it will tell you if you already have one built in or not.

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You could even use the WiFi USB Adapter

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I have Charter Cable inte ...

But it would have to be located in such a position to allow unhindered communication between the 2 computers.

As these are not easy to locate I would suggest any type of WiFi Router. But if push comes to shove you could connect through the USB Device after installing it on your Aunties Computer and may be hanging it off the end of a USB Extension Lead to improve Signal Strength.

What you would need to do here is to install the USB Device and then set that computer as a Pass Through Connection to the Internet. It will slow down Data Transfers but as you already have it there would be no expense involved. Of course the other computer would need to be running whenever you wanted to connect to the Internet.


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NOte on Connecting a router to a CABLE connection

by 1bn0 In reply to I have Charter Cable inte ...

Many cable providers still require the device connected to the cable modem to have specific MAC address. It usualy rec ords the MAC of the desktop and refuses to talk to anything else unless it is reset by the provider.

You may need to enable "MAC address spoofing" in the router to get it to talk to the cable modem.

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