i have dual boot xp and win 7 in 2 hard drives. my system is acting weird

By mahmood3t ·
i have dual boot xp and win 7 in 2 hard drives. my system is acting weird.each time i want to select a folder it opens it for me. i guess i changes the virtual memory setting in both windows. i don't know the default setting now. i have 3 gb of ram.
vostroo 200 is my pc from dell.
if i click on ie once it opens 2 or 3 winodow.

please advise.




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RE: Computer acting weird

by PoppaTab In reply to i have dual boot xp and w ...

It took a while just to find that you have a Dell business class computer; Vostro 200. I am fairly sure you have two Hard Drives; one with Windows XP and one with Windows 7 on it. Acting weird doesn't describe the problems you are having other than the multiple launch of applications. You also mentioned you have changed the virtual memory. Please describe the problems a bit more for folks. When did you first start noticing the problems? When did you switch to dual-boot operation of the Operating Systems? Which OS were you using when you noticed the problem? How old is the computer? What processor are you using? The model number seems to indicate the computer is at least 2 years old. Did you add to the Ram to make it 3Gb? I'm sure folks here can help you if some information is given.

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Well if I am reading your question right

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to i have dual boot xp and w ...

I'm supposing that you are saying that the Virtual Memory or Swap File/Page File is possibly incorrect.

M$ say that the correct size for the Page File is as a Minimum 1.5 Times the actual installed RAM so with 3 GIG that would be 4.5 and the upper size should be twice the installed RAM so again that would be 6 GIG.

You can either set to these settings or reset the Page File to Allow the System to Manage the Page File. and the system should work

As for an application opening more than once that could be down to a couple of things the most obvious being the speed that the Mouse is set to so if you have altered this you may want to slow things down. If you have the Mouse Speed ramped up all of the way a single click can be interpreted by the system as multiple clicks if you even hold the mouse Button slightly.

It may also be the result of some kind of Infection so install Malware Bytes if you don't already have it


Spy Bot S&amp


Update as required and then restart your system in Safe Mode and scan it with your Installed Anti Virus Product which should also be fully updated and both of the above mentioned Malware products. You'll have to repeat the scan with each OS to make sure that everything is actually clean and then continue repeating the scans until the system is either clean or you can not remove something.

If there is something that you can not remove past back with the description ans someone here will be able to help you.

If the system reports that it's clean start another scan with a different product and do the same thing again till it's either clean or can not be removed.

You'll need to perform one scan at a time so it's time consuming as you can not run several different products at the same time as they may interfere with each other and give False Readings which are incorrect.


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