I have HDMI and VGA on my laptop, which is better for gaming on a TV?

By zack247 ·
I have a Gateway T-16, it has both VGA and HDMI outputs to either a external monitor or TV, and when i had my laptop hooked up to my 32" TV via HDMI last night, playing Flatout, it didnt matter what the screen configuration was, the game still lagged, and it never lags on my laptop. Is it because of the HDMI? would it perform better using VGA? or how about a VGA to composite converter?

I want to play my games on the big screen, but i want to play them without lag, how do i do it?

System specs:
-Windows 7 Home premium X86
-2GB ddr2 RAM
-1.90GHz dual core AMD Turion 64 X2
-ATI Radeon X1270

having the laptop plugged in didnt help much either.

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You'll have to lower the Screen Resolutions in the Game

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I have HDMI and VGA on my ...

The TV has a dramatically Lower Screen Resolution than any Computer Monitor. They are very much Low Resolution in Comparison to a Computer Monitor.

If that's not good enough for you you'll need to use an External 32 Inch or Bigger Computer Monitor and maybe increase the amount of RAM Available for Video Generation which should be able to be found in the BIOS Setup. Or you could use a Projector for the same thing as an External Computer Monitor. That would give you a significantly larger Display area provided you have the wall space.


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Reponse To Answer

by zack247 In reply to You'll have to lower the ...

thanks for letting me know about the tv thing, but my tv is a hdtv, does that count for anything?

i have the maximum amount of ram set for video i can, 260MB, i cant set any more than that.

if i use a vga monitor or a vga to composite converter would that help mygame performance?

the game was running at 640x480 16bit, no anti-aliasing, antistropy, absolute minimal settings and it still lagged, but like i said, it never lags.

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Well it shouldn't make any difference

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I have HDMI and VGA on my ...

Between the VGA and HDMI and as the resolution is so low you could try the VGA if you have an adapter but if you don't I would suspect that the TV is the issue here requiring that the signal be heavily processed by the computer before being sent tot he TV.

Doesn't really make any difference as to what type of TV it is the Display will sill be considerably lower than a Computer Monitor.


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by morris.levy In reply to I have HDMI and VGA on my ...

HDMI has a maximum output of 1920x1080 (hence 1080p), and refresh rate of 60 Hz. Match this or if your computer is slowing, lower the performance of your video card, or lower the resolution (to 720p on the laptop, etc, if possible).

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