i have hp dv5-1022la note book with vista

By mrmohamedsaad ·
i have windows vista on my laptop but i need to have xp too but i dont know why its dont wanna install i tried alot times but i still have problem and i dont know what to do plz help me

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Well it depends on what you are attempting to do here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to i have hp dv5-1022la note ...

You can Not open Windows Vista and then Install XP as the Windows Files are protected and prevent this from happening. It would also cause a Corruption of the Vista Files and prevent the system from Booting.

What you can do here depends on what it is you exactly want/need to achieve. You can Dual Boot the System with XP & Vista but you will have to create room on the HDD for either a Second Partition or fit another HDD to Install XP to. The problem here is that XP Drivers may not be available for all of the Hardware of this computer so some parts may no work correctly or at all with XP running. But if you want to do things thins way all you have to do is use a Partition Resizing Utility to Shrink down the Vista Partition to allow enough space to install XP to nd then insert the XP Install Disc and run the Windows Installer Application and install XP tot he Cleared Space on the HDD in another Partition. Or if this computer allows it you could fit another HDD to install XP to and Dual Boot that way.

Your other alternative is to run XP Virtually buy downloading M$ Virtual Machine from here

Install this on Vista and then install XP into the Virtual Machine where is runs as a Software Computer on Vista. This should override any Driver issues but it will perform slower running in Vista than it would in running Natively on off the HDD.


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I think you are out of luck

by Jacky Howe In reply to i have hp dv5-1022la note ...

with that model. Here is a list of drivers for XP and I don't think that they will be much good to you without at least the Chipset Drivers.

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i read that wrong <NT> :^0

by .Martin. In reply to I think you are out of lu ...
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But checkout

by Jacky Howe In reply to i read that wrong <NT> :^ ...

whats available for Vista.

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