I have hp laptop and I got problem in wireless

By Alames ·
Hi there'
I have a hp laptop and it was connected to a wireless router,suddenly I got disconnected middle of doing my work on it.I have no idea what happened to wireless.Its almost more than a week I can't able to connect my laptop to wireless.I took my laptop to a computer repair guy.He said it might be problem with ip adress, because on his shop my laptop wireless was working okay.I rebooted my laptop almost for 5 times.It has window xp.Still can't able to get online from my laptop.Anybody has any idea whats wrong with my laptop.Why i can't get online. Thanks

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Connect the laptop by cable to the router and ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I have hp laptop and I go ...

Re-establish your IP connections, just like you did originally.

I'm assuming your ISP account has been paid and is up to date.

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Before doing anything else

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I have hp laptop and I go ...

Unplug your WiFi Access Point from the Mains and allow it to discharge about 30 seconds should be long enough.

Then plug it back in and see if you can now get a WiFi Connection.

If it works now you have had a Power Surge which has scrambled the Router and is causing the thing not to work.

If it isn't that there is the possibility that the Security that you are using has been hijacked and you are being locked out of your WiFi LAN by someone else who is stealing your Internet Access Point for their own ends. Either way disconnecting the Mains Power will allow you to regain control of your WiFi Access point.

The first option is the most likely as Power Spikes do happen all the time and cause a multitude of problems.

If neither of the offered suggestions here works you'll most likely be looking at a Hardware Failure of the Router but you need to confirm this by connecting by Wire and attempting to log into the Devices Home Page with your Browser as per the instructions that came with it.


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