i have ideas but cannot materialize it!!!

By syedasimmahmud ·
i am an it guy,i have certian projects in my mind,that cannot be implemented alone/coding etc/ and i dont have enough money to start a small company ,iam also afraid that if i discuss my ideas others they will take away and they might implement to materilaize this kind of senerio????

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Go hide in a cave

by santeewelding In reply to i have ideas but cannot m ...

Watch out for Hellfire.

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That was beyond the pale

by JamesRL In reply to Go hide in a cave

Did you think that was funny? Civilians in Pakistan are getting killed by hellfires as well.

And by the way Obama apparently made a similar "joke" about the Jonas Brothers wanting to be careful around his daughters as he has acces to Predator drones and Hellfires. If civilians weren't being killed, it might have been funny.


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by santeewelding In reply to That was beyond the pale

****, no. Wasn't meant to be. It was meant to be mean-spirited as I could get. I meant also to go well beyond his pale.

Civilians? You bet. Probably we've seen the last of wars in which only nation-state armies in uniform get killed and nobody cares.

Do I clear that up for you, James?

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What is the matter

by santeewelding In reply to i have ideas but cannot m ...

You don't wish to do it in public?

One of your fellow TechRepublic members has sent you a private message:

Subject: hide in cave and wait for hellfire???? why
why such indecent comment ???R you racist ????

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In this day and age,

by .Martin. In reply to What is the matter

everyones a racist...

unless you have Williams syndrome

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Thank you, .Martin

by santeewelding In reply to In this day and age,
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by syedasimmahmud In reply to What is the matter

would you sponsor my project???/

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What project?

by Ron K. In reply to sponsor

So far the only project has been unspecified and your biggest request, seems to me, has been to get money from people you don't know. I'm pressing the spam button and let the powers that be decide, mainly because I don't like you.

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As soon as someone throws out that racist card...

by Ron K. In reply to What is the matter

...inappropriately they lose all credibility with me and look like a fool. <br>
Offend me? You must be racist! Hard to understand? You must be racist! Won't do my work for me? You must be racist! Have someone, like me, call you a fool for calling people racist? Must be a racist.<br>

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Grow up.

by Ron K. In reply to i have ideas but cannot m ...

Your post barely makes sense. <br>
You have certain (unspecified projects) in your mind that you can't do by yourself. You don't have any money, (join the crowd) and you're paranoid that if you actually put your projects into words someone will steal them. Seek therapy. <br>

If you can't find a trusted mentor or determine the viability of your ideas yourself you haven't done enough homework/legwork. I've had several ideas that I've investigated on my own and decided against implementing them. That's life.<br>
One constructive suggestion that I have, that you won't follow, is that you learn punctuation so that you may be taken a little more seriously. Seriously! <br>
You post could almost be construed as spam because you're very close to asking for money. Just go away if you expect to get a dime out of anyone here.

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