I have internet connection, but i lose it when i open a application.

By illlusion ·

I have a problem, my internet provider was by our house here the other day and replaced our old router and reset our fiber box.
Ever since then, i havnt been able to load the steam game "Rust"'s ingame server list, my system loses internet connection for 3-4 minutes, but if im in a discord call, i can still speak with them, so i dont lose the already connected connections. But all new connections doesnt work for 3-4 minutes.

Things ive tried:
-Reinstall rust
-Allow rust on the windows firewall
-Restart the router and fiber box
-Give steam limited amount of mb/s to load the ingame server lists
-Update steam, windows and network drivers

I even tried to see if it works fine outside our internet, by using a hotspot on my phone, and it worked perfectly fine outside our WIFI, there it can load perfectly fine.

Our router is a Icotera i4850

Windows 10
GTX 1060 6GB
ASUS H110M-A M.2 Motherboard
I5-7500 CPU

I hope there is someone who knows a fix or in some way help.
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Re: internet connection

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to I have internet connectio ...

It's not unlikely at all that it's an issue with the router, but it's not impossible that it's something (a setting?) in your PC.
To be sure about that, try the same with another PC or (gaming) laptop, or take your PC with you to a friend or family member to try their internet connection.

But before doing all that, contact your internet provider and complain. Maybe it's a known problem and they know how to solve it. And maybe they agree that it's their problem and send a tech.
Only if they maintain that their devices are working perfectly, and it's your PC that is at fault, go and prove it isn't.

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by illlusion In reply to Re: internet connection

Like i said, everything worked perfectly fine when i tried to host a hotspot from my phone, but i could try and install rust on my laptop.

Thanks for the reponse :)

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Did you?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to I have internet connectio ...

1. After the box was replaced did you "forget" all WiFi connections and start fresh?

2. Exact make and models of the network gear is not told so I can't look into complaints.

3. Distance is not revealed.

4. Test with a wired connection.

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by illlusion In reply to Did you?

I personaly didnt install the router or reset the fiber box, a guy from my internet provider came and did it all.

The only thing i know is that my router is a Icotera i4850. I dont think is a known router, but its given when you get fiber connection here in Denmark from a company called Waoo.

And i use a ethernet cable, forgot to write that.

Thanks for the reponse :)

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Not a lot of discussions out there.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Re: looks similar.

But why the cable?
If it fails on cable but good on WiFi, the cable would be suspect or maybe, rarely the Ethernet driver or card.

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by illlusion In reply to Not a lot of discussions ...

I tried with WIFI, had same problem unfortunately.
And yes i made that post too, thats why it looks so similar.

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Keeping in mind details are missing.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Re:

I'm going with a story where only this PC has issues. The cell phone hotspot test really doesn't nail what the issue could be but I'll take that and supply what I'd try next.

Change this PC's DNS to and Here's an article all about this.

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