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I have no idea how to build an app. Pls Help

By TyBul ·
I want to build an app to that will help people who are parents or will become parents keep a schedule, organize family events, and give helpful advice on things like health and nutrition. I have no idea how to build an app or where to even start. I'm not looking for someone to build an app for me, but to teach me to build one myself.
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by TechPran In reply to I have no idea how to bui ...

You can go with BuildFire. There are many tutorials on Youtube about this app which will help in being familiar with this app.
This multi-purpose app lets you build apps without coding for all kinds of businesses and in-house apps. With a large collection of templates, this tool lets you customize the template theme according to your business plan.

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by TyBul In reply to BuildFire
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In reply to I have no idea how to build an app. Pls Help

by julia26 In reply to I have no idea how to bui ...

Let me know your motive for build an app(ios or android), for learning purpose or business purpose? If you want to learn how to build an app you can go through Udemy, they are providing videos for proper app development on ongoing project on practical wise with details. if you want to learn app development for business purpose you can contact sisgain for free consult discussion of your app idea.

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If you find an easy way tell me

by ZhaoYong5 In reply to In reply to I have no ide ...

I too have been trying to find an easy way to do this, I found a couple of websites that were OK but not great, was OK

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Learn it by your self

by ankitsingh213506 In reply to I have no idea how to bui ...

Either you should start learning in a good institute or from an online source.
The service company will make this kind of app, but they will charge you.
You can use the Android Studio to create such type of apps.

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The quickest way to build an app is to use low-code development platform.

by SunnyYam In reply to I have no idea how to bui ...

Maybe you can check out the low-code (no code) development platform, I'm currently using Although I don't have any programming background, I have developed several web apps and mobile apps with VXLab just in two months. Or you can find some other low-code platforms. I think it is the quickest way.

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Re:I have no idea how to build an app. Pls Help

by SPharper In reply to I have no idea how to bui ...

See there are different ways and approaches to building an application.

For example, if the cost is in your mind, an application that works on multiple operating systems may be the way to go. And there are multiple ways to achieve this using different development methodologies and languages.

I will suggest you learn from the basics. Like, how many types of application are there, what are the approaches, and basic idea about different development tools and languages. Once you have the basic idea about app development, then you can focus on the approach that is best suitable for your requirement. Or maybe developing an app your own won't be easy, in that case, you can contact any app development company (

All the best!

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how to build an app

by Smith987 In reply to I have no idea how to bui ...

You have a couple of options to make your app:-
1. Learn to code and build it yourself: This is most time consuming option but you’ll gain a valuable and in-demand skill to build your own apps. If this option appeals to you, check out free resources on youtube to start learning app development. There are various online/offline tutorials for beginners.
2. Partner with a programmer: Another option is finding a programmer to partner with.
3. Buy an app template and customize it (or pay someone to): With this option, you’re buying pre-packaged code that contains the core functionality that you’ll need (if you can find a template close to your app idea). These templates are usually a one time fee and then you can learn some programming and customize it yourself.

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how to build an app

by deborasumopayroll In reply to I have no idea how to bui ...

The 9 steps to make an app are:
Sketch your app idea.
Do some market research.
Create mockups of your app.
Make your app's graphic design.
Build your app landing page.
Make the app with Xcode and Swift.
Launch the app in the App Store.
Market your app to reach the right people.

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Build an app without coding

by naveenjoshi In reply to I have no idea how to bui ...

You can use the following platforms to build an app without coding-
Appy Pie

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