I have no operating system

By RooBee81 ·
Ok. My brother gave me a Toshiba Satellite Laptop. After getting I replaced the optical drive. But, now I have no operating system. I called Toshiba and they won't sell them to me because I am not the "owner". How can I get the operating system?

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Two obvious questions . . .one not so obvious.

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I have no operating syste ...

Obvious questions
1. Why have you not asked your brother?

2. Why change the optical drive without turning it on first?

You could always just walk into a 'shop' and buy the operating system!

Not so obvious question
Why do you come to TR for help on what is a rather sensitive matter but turn off your private message port?

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Not obvious

by RooBee81 In reply to Two obvious questions . . ...

1. My brother is a truck driver and extremely hard to get a hold of.
2. I did turn it on everything was fine except the optical drive. Now it is not and Best Buy says it's not their fault.
3. I'm not the greatest with message boards and I did not see private message port. I put my question and went back to what I was doing on my home PC.

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Three risque, slightly dubious statements . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Not obvious

1. You literally got your Tosh off the back of a truck. Now why does that not surprise me? However, unless it's an interstellar truck he'll have a cell phone that works interstate.

2. You first post inferred you fitted the optical drive yourself, since no third party was mentioned. If you have a legal grievance with the repairers - take it to court.

3. You can't be blamed for not being able to read properly although you managed to tick the 'no private messages' box, albeit inadvertently. If you have a working home PC why are you bothering Toshiba - you are already aware of where operating systems come from - Microsoft.

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Response from an idiot

by RooBee81 In reply to Three risque, slightly du ...

Your humor is astounding. Yes, his cell phone works in the 48 states he drives in. As you seem to not be aware of, truck drivers do drive at night and have driving laws that they have to obey. So, when he is up I am sleeping. His HOS right now does not give him a lot of daytime to talk to people or deal with computer issues. That is why he gave it to me and bought himself a Mac.

My apologizes for not stating that I had the optical drive done by a professional. I am not a trained computer tech and do not want to screw up something I don't know a lot about. All I knew was it was broke and needed to be fixed and when I got it back the tech just stared at me and said that I needed a new operating system.

I can read properly. I was tired when I came on here and didn't see this no private message box you are talking about. But, I am extremely excited for coming to a place where I thought someone could help me out and now feel like a complete moron.

Oh, the Toshiba is not for me but for my husband who is also a truck driver. It would help him with navigation. As, I am tired of having to run to the computer every time his company gives him bad directions.

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Thankyou for the compliments . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Response from an idiot

Not many people manage to see-through my thinly disguised veil of stupidity.

TechRepublic is frequently, nay - deluged frequently, by first time posters that always seem to have laptops with boot-passwords that for some strange reason - are unbeknowns to them.

In the vast majority of cases, the inquirer is a ne're-do-well who has purloined said boot-password-locked laptop by devious means, then expects us to 'crack' their passwords for them. Following on a close second are the posters who seem to have 'forgotten' where their genuine operating system is, assuming we can magic one out of thin ether for them.

I trust you might be able to give me the benefit of the doubt. My acetone-tinged satire is not my offline demeanour.

However, the previous answers still stand.

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My Dell experience

by JamesRL In reply to Thankyou for the complime ...

I bought a used Dell Workstation from an eBay seller who buys off lease equipment.

The HD was wiped clean, but the system did come with a MS OEM Win XP license sticker.

I contacted Dell and had to "register" for service, but as the original warranty was 3 years, I actually get some warranty. And Dell shipped me the OS and driver CDs I needed to get it up and running, for the cost of shipping.


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Thank you

by RooBee81 In reply to My Dell experience

Thank you I appreciate it. It's nice to know there is one polite person on this website.

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No compliment given...

by RooBee81 In reply to Thankyou for the complime ...

Thinly disguised veil, is that what we call it. It seemed quite obvious.

I would like to know why is it that you felt that you should be rude when the issue was not that I forgot my password, or lost my operating system disks (my brother is the one that actually did that)?

I know every password for my computer and all of the websites I visit. My operating system for my HP is on a shelf above my desk. Also, I don't believe in magic. Of course that would be cool, then I could magically......... I won't finish that sentence.
I would hope your offline demeanor was better then this. If it wasn't I don't see how you could get along with anyone. Of course that could be the reason you deal with computers and not people.

You could have just said we can not help you only Toshiba can or something along those lines. I actually thought maybe I could talk to people on here that could teach me faster ways of fixing problems my HP has after my husband touches it. But, I guess that will not happen.

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by JamesRL In reply to No compliment given...

Old Mycroft has a reputation here of someone who has helped a great number of people with computer problems in his relatively short stay here. He has had his share of arguments, usually with those who deserve it, on offtopic issues.

You on the other hand give your first post in a suspiciously similar manner to a great number of others who post here looking for advice on how to crack laptops.

How do we know who is who? We aren't psychic, and as professionals, we don't want to help thieves. Should we trust every first time poster? I would tell you the vast majority of them are looking for help to access a stolen laptop.

Shame on Best Buy for breaking it in the first place. They should own up to their mistake. But they can't install a new OS without someone paying for it.

Can you get into the BIOS? Can you turn check the boot order and ensure that the CD is not in the boot order? Might want to before you call Toshiba.


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OK, RooBee, Calm down

by Tig2 In reply to Response from an idiot

Mycroft is blunt. Part of his charm, and all that there.

Your brother likely has an email account. Don't plan to solve this today, plan to solve it later. You need to let your brother know that you need the original disk for the machine. Email him for them and wait for them to (a) show up in the mail or (b) show up with your brother when he is in town next.

And understand the ethics in play here. Software piracy is a huge issue in our business. We're pretty sensitive about anything that sounds like piracy. And you wouldn't believe the numbers of people that come in, start an account, and ask questions about password hacking and the like. All things that we take very seriously. No one is accusing you of anything and I agree that Mycroft has a certain edge to him.

Plan to solve this issue after you have had a chat with your brother.

And think GPS. You can get good and inexpensive ones now and they make a great Christmas gift.

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