I have one ATA HDD and one IDE HDD - Can I use both?

By Pimpskinny ·

I just built a rig from a motherboard with one IDE port and several ATAs. My one ATA HDD will be my master, but I also want to use my old IDE HDD for storage. How do I set this up on the IDE line that already contains my DVDROM? Should I set the DVD as master and the IDE HDD as slave?

Thanks! (Confused)


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by icstuff In reply to I have one ATA HDD and on ...

So far as i know you can do that.
I assume that you have not tried yet?
Just remember to set your BIOS to boot to the correct HDD

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Yes. No problem.

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to I have one ATA HDD and on ...

The configuration you propose should work fine. But I would connect the IDE HD to the end of the ribbon and set it as Master with the DVD as Slave.

I have two SATA drives set up in RAID0 and a separate IDE HD I use for backup and music files plus a DVD drive on the same IDE port and another DVD burner connected to a SATA adapter card. It works just fine.

I hope this helps.
Good Luck.

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by Pimpskinny In reply to I have one ATA HDD and on ...

I set up the IDE HDD as master to the DVDROM and made sure the BIOS gives priority to my ATA HDD on boot. This appears to be working.

Although an issue I have now is that with my old IDE HDD in the new rig, it does not recognize me as an authorized user and forbids access to several folders and files.

I've tried everything I can think of - Reinstalling the old HDD to the old computer and changing these folders/files to shared, moving them from folders such as "My Documents" etc to new folders, ensuring that "encryption" is not checked (it is not for any of them), and specifying the entire drive to be shared.

But no matter what, after I place the old drive back into the new rig, some files just will not allow me to move them from the old HDD to the new one (Access Denied), which I need to do in order to back up some of the data before I format the old drive.

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RE: Access is Denied

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Thanks!

If you are sure you have full administrative rights to the files, right click on one of the problem files and see if it is set to 'Read Only.'

In addition, I found this article/post that may be of help:

I hope this helps.

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Change Ownership.

by 1bn0 In reply to Thanks!

Selct folder/directory.
Right click | properties
Security Tab : Advanced
select ownership tab

Select new owner from list.
check the box = Replace owner on subcontainers and objects.

The security id for your old computer account is different than the new accoount. Even if they you use the same user name.

Since the new user does not OWN the files it is not allowed to delete them.

See this microsoft KB article for a more coherent description.

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