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    I have runtime error

    by mytools.use ·

    hi Dear
    i have a runtime error on my website when ever i open it on my mobile but on desktop its working good.

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      Re: runtime error

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to I have runtime error

      If you or your webmaster can’t solve it, hire someone to do it for you.

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      Just this week!!!

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to I have runtime error

      I used the AI/ML called ChatGPT to locate a few bugs in code.

      Did you try that?

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      Runtime error?

      by findmeapk ·

      In reply to I have runtime error

      No specific answer to you problem as there is no way i can see your website but some general troubleshooting process you can follow are:
      1) If you’re only seeing the error on your mobile device, try opening the website on a different mobile device to see if the error occurs there as well. If it does, it could be a problem with the website’s mobile responsiveness or compatibility.
      2) If the website is designed to work on specific browsers or browser versions, make sure that you’re using a compatible browser on your mobile device. Try using a different browser or updating your current browser to see if that resolves the issue.
      3) Some runtime errors may only occur on mobile devices, due to factors such as limited screen size or differences in touch-screen input. Check for any mobile-specific code or features on the website that may be causing the error, and consider testing the website on a mobile emulator to see if you can replicate the issue.
      4) Some mobile devices or operating systems may have specific quirks or limitations that could be causing the error. Check for any known issues with your particular device or OS, and consider reaching out to the website’s developer or support team for assistance.
      5) If you have access to the website’s code, you can try adding debug statements or using a debugger to try to identify the source of the error. Look for any conditional statements or blocks of code that may be causing the issue, and try commenting them out or temporarily disabling them to see if that resolves the error.

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      Reply To: I have runtime error

      by anawilliam850 ·

      In reply to I have runtime error

      There could be several reasons why you’re experiencing a runtime error on your website when you open it on your mobile device but not on your desktop. Here are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the issue:

      Check for Compatibility: Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and compatible with different screen sizes and resolutions. You can test your website’s compatibility using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

      Check Browser Compatibility: Check if the browser you’re using on your mobile device is compatible with the website’s code. Different browsers interpret code differently, so if your website is optimized for one browser, it may not work properly on another. Try opening your website in different mobile browsers to see if the error persists.

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