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I have this laptop!

By jb7999 ·
I have this laptop (IBM T40) using Windows XP service pack 1 that I'm working on, and it takes almost 5 minutes to do a cold boot. I've went into the BIOS and disabled the floppy seek, and all other devices that would load besides the hard drive. I've also went into the startup files and have unchecked everything but 3 items. I've also tried what Tech Republic sent me through email on how to speed up boot times. That information is already set in the registry. If anyone of you have any other ideas, that would greatly be appreciated.

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by dmiles In reply to I have this laptop!

If the TR suggsetion was to use the downoad Boot-Vis,the other option would be to increase the memory

The processor speed at 1.5mhz may process data at the rate that you think is to slow,you did not specify the boot time as a example,so it is difficult to state what is considered a faster boot time

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by chitosunday In reply to I have this laptop!

Try opening through safe modes. See what happens. What are the 3 items you uncheck? try tranferring the files from the start-up directory to another directory and see what happens. Maybe one of the three items is the culprit.

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by OTL In reply to I have this laptop!

Have you run Adaware/spybot s&d/virus scan ? Run Memory check (how much ram?) ?

From the CMD.exe prompt chkdsk/r then reboot and let it run. After totally booted defrag then reboot then defrag (repeat 3 or 4 times until the HD has blue at the beginning and almost no open spaces).

May even have to boot off a floppy and fdisk/mbr.

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by willcomp In reply to I have this laptop!

In my experience, a very slow boot process is usually caused by one of the following (in order of probability).

1) Adware, spyware, and viruses

2) Bad sector(s) on hard disk

3) Anti-virus software (McAfee and Norton in particular)

4) Faulty driver

Booting into safe mode (as suggested in previous response) bypasses items 1, 3, and 4. If safe mode boot is acceptable, take a look at those items.

If safe mode boot is also very slow, check hard disk and memory for errors.


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by john.hueser In reply to I have this laptop!

All the answers are correct, I had one laptop like yours and items I noticed was that some of the SPAM and Virus application you set up to run on a scheduler to scan can not scan due to the laptop in the off position, then when you turn it on it wants to do the scans, this will also cause e a problem. Not all the apps will do this, but the one were using at the time were and once I turn these off for the scheduler time and re-scheduler them, lets say over my lunch time, the laptop booted faster and worked very well.

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by CMB from Omaha In reply to I have this laptop!

This is more of a work-around than a solution, but have you tried "hibernating" the PC or having it "stand by" vs. shutting it down? The (hopefully) faster startup might save you some aggravation until you figure out the "solution". Good luck.

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