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I have to give spammer one thing They are good.

By faradhi ·
Looking through my Spam this morning and noticed this.


Subject: "Possible radiation leaks on 100miles area around San Clemente Nucklear Power Station."

Body: "CNN, San Clemente, CA - Major Problems have been occured at San Clemente Nucklear Power Station - 20-year old circuit breaker fails to close, creating a 4,000-volt arc and fire. Possible radiation leaks on 100miles area. Evacuation process has been started - View last videofile"

The hyperlink contained in the email points to: "http:// mainnews2. news_report.php? pid=19fbkfszldDsfakjcOkhb"

I put the spaces in to keep anyone from accidentally clicking.

Now how many people do you know who would click without even thinking this is a Hoax? I do not know what the hyperlink does. I do not intend to find out. I know it can be nothing good. I just find it interesting.

It is a new twist on using fear to trick users to go to what I assume is a malicious site.

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Typos gave it away

by RFink In reply to I have to give spammer on ...

I noticed that a lot of spam has poor spelling and terrible grammer. I get very leary of e-mails with those traits. That and the fact if I don't know the sender it goes bye-bye.

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Yep, The Typo's and..

by faradhi In reply to Typos gave it away

That the sender claims MSNBC and the story starts CNN.

There were a lot of red flags there.

This might not be so new, it is just the first time I have seen this tactic.

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Thanks for the heads up, Faradhi!

by Tig2 In reply to Yep, The Typo's and..

I hadn't seen one yet that had a legitimate looking link. Beyond the CNN/MSNBC screw up is that if the incident had actually occurred, last night's news broadcast would have carried it.

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We had several cme through

by Dumphrey In reply to Thanks for the heads up, ...

a few months ago claiming to be from the IRS, and that the sender needed to provide some information for their audit that is/about to take place.
The images etc on the "fake" site (yes I clicked it knowing it was a hoax)were all directly linked from the IRS web site, but the url was very odd along the lines of =\
Also, who would believe the IRS would send frickin email to let you know your being audited. Bleh, they just show up, that way they can fully enjoy the bowl freezing fear on your face.

But, it was one of the best looking phishes I have seen. They spent a long time setting up the fake site and emails.

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