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i have unrepaired files after getting 3 viruses

By europanorama ·
i was so stupid and did not recognize when entering the internet-that norton antivirus and firewall had not been installed. i had installed the internet before with all security programs.
now i have/had
1. w32.valla.2048
2. w32.randex.d
3. w32.blaster.worm

i made the first steps and could remove/repair halfway.
then i recognized with popup-windows that some files could not be repaired.
inbetween my many other actions(i tried to make av-updates(succesfully), the system wanted win2k-cd. is this the filerepair-procedure? or what should i do more beside the antivirus-actions symantec asks for.
maybe i should proceed and check if there are any mistakes left.

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by w2ktechman In reply to i have unrepaired files a ...

Since you are using Norton already, go to and search for the 3 viruses. You should get removal instructions. Do the search and any downloads from another computer if available. After following the instructions for removal get any patches from microsoft windows update. Patch the system and rerun norton.
If norton finds infected files that it cannot clean it should throw them in the quarantined area, in which the files are not accessible to be used. Windows may ask to reinstall some files (since they are in quarantine). Insert the cd or rerun the service pack. Also check the quarantine to be sure that drivers are not there, if so you will need to reinstall the drivers

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by europanorama In reply to

although i decided to take a different path your tip is very convincing. i made another zero-fill, installed avg and zonealarm instead of nav2002(i couldnt install virusdefinitions manually)plus nfirewall. i guess system was not protected enough. thats why i received the first virus again. i will leave the protection software and not change rto nortons.

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by europanorama In reply to i have unrepaired files a ...

i acted almost like you advised. i checked windows-update-site. i donwloaded some patches from a winme-machine and installed/executed them on win2k. a strange advise is the ms-03-026- bulletin. go to windows-update and install the patches. if online, then it will be already too late. i will immediately get infected. this probably happenend to me. maybe they are hidden but i need to install the patches mentioned in that bulletin offline. maybe i must go back further. i have prepaired that win2k-machine in june installed the internet but had to reinstall without. maybe a backdoor or whatever file waited to find a hole. thats why i have now made a zero-fill-format compaired to format only when i had virus-infection. seems not to be enough. another virus slipped in: w32.hllw.rateka.

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by europanorama In reply to i have unrepaired files a ...

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