i installed windows 8 over vista to avoid constant crashes

By frleo01 ·
i see no difference but i know that 8 is there. if i can get rid of vista home premium so that i only have ie 8 would that help. what can i do about crashes

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to i installed windows 8 ove ...

First of all there is no Windows 8.
What u r up2?
Don't confuse Windows with IE.
Give more details of your problem.

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Do you mean IE8 or Windows 7?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to i installed windows 8 ove ...

Both are very different things.

If you mean Infernal Exploder 8 all you have to do is open your Browser left click on Help and select About Infernal Exploder from the drop down menu and it will tell you which version of IE you have installed.

As for as I know it's not possible to install Windows 7 over Vista from within Vista but none the less open My Computer and then left click on Help then select proprieties from the Drop Down menu and left click on that. A new Window will open telling you which version of Windows you have installed including the Service Pack Level.


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ie8 or windows 7

by frleo01 In reply to Do you mean IE8 or Window ...

it is ie 8 that i have installed. the vista is sp2. it seems that everytime i open a new sight it says windows has stopped working or i get a not responding.

thank you,

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Well, you might want to try scanning for malware.

by seanferd In reply to ie8 or windows 7
Update and scan with your AV. Scan with the program from the above link.

If it is not a malware problem, you may just want to do a repair install of Windows.

As a side note, it is always a good idea to have actual error codes and messages, along with some specific description of their context when asking for help in fixing said errors. Pull any related errors out of the event logs as well. Also, correctly posting your exact OS version along with versions of specific applications involved (in this case, the browser, IE helps.

So, I'm still guessing that it is Vista which is not responding ("windows has stopped working"), which is why I suggest the repair install of Windows. Of course, if it is the browser (IE) which has stopped working, or a site is not responding, these both could be caused by entirely different things, and different measures would then be called for.

But start off scanning for malware, as it is one of the things most likely to break stuff.

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Also after you install & update Malwarebytes

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Well, you might want to t ...

Reboot the system into Safe Mode to do the scans. That way you stand a better chance of finding and deleting any infections that you may have picked up along the way.

Might not hurt one little bit either to load Fire Fox from Monzila available free from here
And see if that works as a Web Browser or if you get the same/similar Error Messages. If it works you probably don't have any infections but you could have the Antiphishing Filter/Security set too high in IE8.


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ie8 over vista for crash

by frleo01 In reply to Also after you install & ...

i have done all of the suggestions. after i installed ie8 with no luck i started using safari. again no luck. i'll drop safari and install firefox.
thank you all.

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by frleo01 In reply to Also after you install & ...

all of my security settings are set to default.

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OK so exactly what is happening here?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to i installed windows 8 ove ...

Is it that you are unable to reliably connect tot he Internet or that the system is Unstable and falling over all of the time?

Also how are you connecting to the Net and what Hardware are you using?


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no trouble signing in

by frleo01 In reply to OK so exactly what is hap ...

did malware. many times window will popup and say it has dropped the internet connection but often it has not dropped it.
could it be a simple matter of foreign particles, could it be a factory malfunction.

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There are many possibilities but it all depends on the Hardware Involved

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to no trouble signing in

So what type of Modem are you using to connect to the Net here?

Was this an existing Modem or a new one when the Vista Machine was connected?

How are you connecting to the net? Through a Dial Up, ADSL, Cable connection?

Most of the complaints like this revolve around introducing a new OS into existing Hardware which is not supported by Vista. Yes that does include External Modems that are supplied by the ISP's.


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