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I Just Cant Decide. Help!!

By max98037 ·
I am split between 3 choices for after I complete my associates in network technology.
I dont know if I should transfer to earn a business B.S. or a computer sci B.S. or maybe an Ebusiness B.S.
Someone out there who knows about hiring decisions please tell me which would make me most marketable to a hiring manager. I am vexed. Thanx.

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by areets In reply to I Just Cant Decide. Help! ...

Take the opttion that will take you in the direction of reserch.

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by Four-Eyes In reply to I Just Cant Decide. Help! ...

If you think you can hack it as good network guy, best bet for you would be to take a computer science degree. They go well together. But it all depends on you. Do you really want to do the deep in the trenches tech work or may be do some projectmanagement / project architecturing stuff?
The current job market is still quite unstable but you can probably increase your chances if you present yourself to HR as someone who is good at something rather than someone who knows a broad range of stuff but isnt really a master of anything. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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Wrong Angle

by Dilbert! In reply to I Just Cant Decide. Help! ...

Whilst I accept that teh jobs market is not as good as it could be at the moment - I think that you are coming at this decision from the wrong angle.

I would suggest that you chose based on what you enjoy most - that way you are more likely to get teh qualification rather than drop out, and when you get to be employed you will have a position that you enjoy. This is the key - if you enjoy your work then you will put more in and get more out- or put simply - if you enjoy it then you will progress further in your career.

All in my humble opinion of course.

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