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I Just Cant Decide. Help!!

By max98037 ·
I am split between 3 choices for after I complete my associates in network technology.
I dont know if I should transfer to earn a business B.S. or a computer sci B.S. or maybe an Ebusiness B.S.
Someone out there who knows about hiring decisions please tell me which would make me most marketable to a hiring manager. I am vexed. Thanx.

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I can't decide which of the 3

by road-dog In reply to I Just Cant Decide. Help! ...

postings to reply to.

Seek out hiring Managers in your area and find out what their hiring criteria are for jobs you like. You can locate contacts at your school's guidance department and at your local chamber of Commerce.

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just get the easiest bs

by djspade In reply to I Just Cant Decide. Help! ...

go for the easiest bs (meaning quick and less expensive) probably is the one..then get a certification specialized in (ex. Sun,MS, or Linux..)also in the meanwhile try to get a foot in the door of a IT job..part-time or full-time or even volunteer..if you got all these you will be marketable to a lot of employer..


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Business BS

by drklahn1 In reply to I Just Cant Decide. Help! ...

I guess it would depend in what your interests are, but I would suggest getting a Business BS. A well rounded education would suggest to the potential employer that you are capable of translating business requirements to technical solutions. I would also have to add, with the current trend of IT outsourcing (moving tech oversees, ie India, China) and the H-1B visa program, having a purely technical background may hinder earning potential due to intense salary competition with foreign workers.

Hope this helps....

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Where are you most competent

by TheChas In reply to I Just Cant Decide. Help! ...

I recommend that you get the degree for the field that you feel most competent / comfortable with.

Business if you want to be less involved with the technology side, and more involved in decision making.

CS if you want to get into programming or more involved with the hardware side of things.

EBusiness if you want to work on the web sales side of things.

Don't choose your career path simply by wages or job prospects.

Follow your heart, and the money will take care of itself.


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Experience first than Degree

by sda In reply to I Just Cant Decide. Help! ...

Your best bet is to get some experience first and if possible getting your BS in Computer Science. As a person who recently finished their BS in Computer Science along with MCSE and CCNA Certs. I found that companies wanted more experienced IT people rather than someone with a degree and certs. Trying to get into networing is hard unless you have experience and unfortunatly all open postions in IT now are all Help Desk. So good luck.

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Don't pick for the jobs...

by TomSal In reply to I Just Cant Decide. Help! ...

You don't pick your educational path purely based on the job prospects of *today* -- unless you are in the ultra super mega accelerated 4 year degree in 4 week program. :)

In the 4 years (or more -- on average most people take closer to 5 or even6 years to earn a "4 year" degree) you are earning your higher degree the job prospects of today could be much much different than when you actually graduate and have that degree.

You should systematically plan your educational decisions.

Ask yourselve (be bluntly honest or it won't be effective):

1) What do I *REALLY* want to do in the IT feild?
2) What are my strengths?
3) What are my weaknesses?
4) What IT work do I enjoy most (programming, networking, hardware, consulting, database, etc.)
5) What IT work do I enjoy the least?

After you really think about what YOU want, if you work hard to be the best you can be in that field AND you have perserverance and professionalism about you -- trust me you won't need to worry about finding employment.

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You are a newbie, so...

by ghstinshll In reply to I Just Cant Decide. Help! ...

Finish the BS in Computer Science, but talk to your mentors at school about a possible double major in business administration as well. It will add at least a year on, but you could find a job with that CS degree, then finish the BA while working, and prepare yourself for the political/business/operational side of things you WILl encounter. For those of us with tons of certs and experience, we're planning on going back for a BA/MBA to move up and on some day when we're older. (-:{

I'm goingto specialize the BA in Operational management. This should provide a good mix for upper management later on in life. I'm hoping it'll take effect before I'm 35, so that's 10 yrs out!

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