i just do not know

By N_Delorme_04 ·
hey so yah well i am tryin to attach a second hard drive to my computer and well i set it as the slave and my original one is the master, and i put then both on the same ribbon but the computer still does not wanna detect my second hard drive so i tried to put it alone on the secong slot and well it still does not wanna see it could it be that the second slot is not functional if that is the case how could i restore that second slot to working condition...or if there is anything else that i could do is there any advice out there that i can use if so that would be very much appreciated and thankyou in advance.

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by dma69593 In reply to i just do not know

The first thing you did was correct in that you set the new hard drive as slave and connected it to the same IDE cable. So go back and do this again. To get your second hard drive noticed you need to configure and format the hard drive.
To do this go to Start, then Control Panel, then switch to Classic View, then go to Administrative Tools, then Computer Management and then Disk Management.
Look in the graphical area in bottom right of window:
Disk 0 = original Hard Drive
Disk 1 = New Hard Drive

If it says this above, this means that the drive is probaly not formatted. So, click on the small button to initialize the drive, and then format it as an NTFS (see below for more details on this) volume (right click on new drive, then click 'format...'). Formatting may take an hour or so.
Once done, disk is ready to use.

About NTFS. I'm assuming you have XP.
If you are using Win '98 you need to use FAT16 and not NTFS

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yah i tried that.

by N_Delorme_04 In reply to format

so yah well when i put in the new hard drive i noticed that it would not see it so yah i checked in the device manager to see if it is there and nothing, then also checked to see if it would see it in computer management, disk management and yah still nothing. and also tried in the bios as well and set the detection as auto but yet nothing so i am not too sure, plus the hard drive is already formatted and all totally wiped out and clean...so if there is another approach could you please tell me cause i have ran out of other ideas.

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May need to check BIOS setup

by ugadata In reply to i just do not know

When you say the computer doesn't detect your second hard drive, how are you determining that it is not detecting it?

Do you see it as part of the text screens as the computer boots? If not then you may need to check the BIOS settings and verify the setting for primary master and primary slave, specifically the slave setting in this case may be set to NONE.

However, if the drive is being seen as the system boots, then follow the advice of the previous post.

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me again

by N_Delorme_04 In reply to i just do not know

so umm yah almost forgot would windows automated system recovery work even if the hard drive is formatted cause that is another option that i can take and just wait till i can at least borrow a proper xp disk

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Hardware issue

by ugadata In reply to i just do not know

If the hard drive is not recognized by the motherboard or add-in controller, there is nothing the OS can do about it. The Recovery Console will not help. The hardware doesn't care about formatting or if the drive is wiped clean.

Do you see the drive as the system boots? If quickboot or silent boot is turned on you may not see the boot up messages.

It is also possible on some motherboards to manually auto detect the HDD from with in the BOIS itself.

Presuming the cable is OK, you may want to double check the master/slave jumper settings or set both drives to cable select and the hardware work it out.

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by N_Delorme_04 In reply to Hardware issue

k so yah when put both of them to cable select it works the computer finally see's the second hard drive. now my other question is umm well why i was trying to do that was cause i was wanting to install xp pro on it so i could put that second hard drive in another computer case but it does not see it when i transfer it over. cause it is weird no matter what i try and do with my xp disk in the other computer it would not wanna go it would just freeze up and all but then when i put the hard drive in this computer then it would go and xp would stick on it but then the other computer does not want to recognize the hard drive wheni put it back in.

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OS not portable

by dma69593 In reply to thnx

Uh... Operating systems are not portable. You can't install XP on this second hard drive and then transfer it to another pc.
This is because the sys files are stored in the BIOS settings.
If you wanted to place this second HD in another pc, why didn't you just do that?
Another thing to take note of is that if your xp disk is genuine Microsoft, its not wise to install it again. MS keeps tracks of its registered products and keycodes.

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