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I just got a new PCI Sound Card, to replace my Onboard one

By Trombonedude90 ·
my onboard Sound card is supposably defective, because it does not produce any sounds whatsoever. I tried everything; from installing new drivers, to accessing the BIOS and checking the device manager, etc... But I finally just went down to Best Buy and bought a 36 dollar PCI Sound Card. I hope it works when I try it out. I haven't even done anything with it yet because I have to wait until I get off work = /

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Just remember to disable the On Board Sound in BIOS

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I just got a new PCI Soun ...

and it should be OK.


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Or the device manager

by GhostBrowser In reply to Just remember to disable ...

another place to disable it

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Both work but the BIOS is the better place

by Neon Samurai In reply to Or the device manager

Since it's an integrated component, your better to stick with the integrated management system. Device Manager would work also but then you have a leaf hanging out with a "disabled" icon over it.

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What's your mobo?

by Neon Samurai In reply to I just got a new PCI Soun ...

I rather wish mobo makers would offer a board without onboard video and sound but that's not how it seems to go these days. Anyway, your mobo isn't an Asus Striker Extreme or Crosshair is it? I'm currently looking at the Striker as my next desktop spine so I'd be interested to hear any issues if that was the same as yours.

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by jas1973 In reply to I just got a new PCI Soun ...

If this is vista I might have the answer

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Same problem and using Vista

by brandemon In reply to IS THIS VISTA OR XP

Hi, was wondering what your answer is... I have DG33TL that onboard sound just stopped working, tried to trouble shoot in Vista by re-installing drivers etc.. tested with Linux, no use. Installed PCI soundcard, but it is not being detected at all, even after turning off the onboard sound in the bios. any help appreciated.

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