I just had a look at the new OpenOffice

By Slayer_ ·
I was playing around in Mandriva and though I'd have a look at the new OO. It feels just like Office 2000. And the top left margin setting is actually changeable, you get more than a pixel of width to hit the "sweet spot".

Is there anything OO can do that Office cannot?

Can it save in MS's DOC format (For OLEing into crystal reports 8.5)?

Also, how good is "base". Is it like a copy of access. If I wanted to connect to it, can this be done thru, say Windows ODBC? Or is it more like a "by me for me" sort of database?

Is there a replacement for "Microsoft Photo Editor". The newest MSPE sucks but the one that came with Office 2000 is perfect for me, the "Auto fix" and the ability to save to different file formats, crop, change transparencies. Is all I want. Is there an equivalent program for Mandriva to do these simple tasks?

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I've been fiddling in 'base.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I just had a look at the ...

Don't care for it. can save in MS format. MS format can be set as the default, also.
The Math program I recommended for years to my SI Leaders when I ran the program. They loved it. I don't know if that's still part of MS couldn't do it quickly and easily at the time.
Photo editors, lot of folks swear by The Gimp. Windows and Linux users. I've fiddled with it a little too, it's not bad. I don't if there's Irfanview for Linux (though I think probably so), but I like it for photo editing.

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Problem is Gimp is a complicated overkill for what I need

by Slayer_ In reply to I've been fiddling in 'ba ...

I am not looking to photoshop my photos, just fix lighting, red eye, that sort of thing. in MS Photo editor, all these things were just one click operations.

And Math is still in there, what does that do?

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Problem is Gimp is a comp ...

for equations.
My Math/Algebra SI Leaders needed something to make study aides with. Math worked well for them. I haven't used it, just know that they were happy with it.
Also, I checked into Irfanview a little bit. Not for native Linux. Google 'Linux simple photo editor'. There are a number of them out there besides The Gimp.

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OK SS, the only thing MS Office can do that OO can't do is

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I just had a look at the ...

easily screw you over with incompatibilities. Yes, OO can save as .doc - I haven't tried the database part myself but heard it's better than Access. It does open my old Access files OK and closes them again OK - something the latest versions of MS Office can't do.

I use gimp instead of MSPE - - it's much more powerful and free too. And I'm surprised it's not on the Mandriva install disc. I've used gimp to make transparencies as well as simple and serious photo image manipulation.

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Its there.

by Slayer_ In reply to OK SS, the only thing MS ...

But for my purposes, Gimp is the equivelent of shooting a cat with an RPG. COmpletely overkill. I just want one click photo touch up, thing sI can teach my parents. MSPE< they udnerstand they click "Image" then "Auto Balance" and they are done, photo looks perfect.

Also you didn't exactly answer my question on whether or not Base can produce a database that a Windows machine can access. Either Via ODBC or explicit connection string with driver (If that case, which driver?)

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mspe replacement

by Jaqui In reply to I just had a look at the ...

try google's picasa :)

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