I keep getting blue screens and i don't know why

By Rozga ·
So i reinstalled my windows fairly recently and it was working smoothly up until like a week ago where i started getting blue screens randomly.The worst part is when it happens and the pc restarts i get booted into bios. If i keep restarting the same happens and i have no devices under boot devices, keep in mind i have only one hdd in my pc. The only "fix" is to turn off the pc and wait some time and it will turn on normaly when i press the power button. It happens at least once per day and as of a few days ago the frequency is increasing, sometimes even twice in a row. I have no idea what's causing it as all the parts in my pc are not that old. I'm thinking about reinstalling windows again cus i don't know if the sytem is at fault. I'm clueless and could really use some help.

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Blue screen errors

by riverrbill In reply to I keep getting blue scree ...

I had a LOT of Blue Screens. Did some hardware checks. Nothing. Tried everything people said on other forums. No luck. So I did a clean install of Windows. Fixed my pc (so far). I highly recommend it. You can keep your files, but all programs will be deleted. Do back up any very important things, and make notes of what you had. With win 10 Edge will give you a list of what was removed (I guess you have win 10). Obviously use this as a final resort, but if all else fails a clean install of Windows really helps.

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