I keep getting trouble from a Bulgairian IP Address

By Babbzilla ·
The IP address is from Bulgaria. I'm not sure if it's a hacker or what but it's happened twice and I've changed my password already. I have the IP address, but if it is a hacker what else should I do to stop him/her? Or is it possible to use the IP address to email said person and tell them to knock it off?

IP Address:

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I would urge you not to directly engage the IP address directly...

You can try to find out the perpetrators internet service provider and send an email to their customer service department and maybe file a complaint. The problem is that many ISPs utilize "dynamic IP addressing", where the same IP address may be used by more than one individual at any given time. For what it's worth, if the offender is only "pinging" your IP, then you probably don't have much to worry about if you keep your firewall turned on and turn off unnecessary services.

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