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I know the feeling

By _Papa_ ·
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So we gain wisdom...

by _Papa_ In reply to I know the feeling

...and built-in low pass filters

My problem is i've had a built-in audio oscillator in my head since i was 8 years old (Tinnitus, a real problem for an audio nut), the TV squeal rarely ever got my attention except when it started a beat with my own squeal!

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by aidemzo_adanac In reply to So we gain wisdom...

Being an audiophile, sound engineer, CEDIA certed designer etc. My worst fear is loss of hearing. I am constantly replaying pieces of a track for friends saying "did you hear it that time?" My friends can't believe my hearing and yet I am so disappointed because, as I get older, I know I should be hearing even more than I actually can, nothing like missing out on sound.

When I worked on concert stages all the time, I rarely wore hearing protection, it wasn't popular back then, but I am so glad that my hearing is at least better than many others, who I am sure must be deaf as they don't seem to hear any of the dynamic nuances I do.....then again, maybe it's just that my ears are dead and create artifacts in what I am hearing....uh oh, back to the drawing board!

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Try organ service!

by _Papa_ In reply to Yucky!

Electronic or pipe, the organist could always hear a rattle in the 8' b-flat Bordoun at full pressure. Guess who had to climb into the chambers and locate the source?

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Make him tell you the octave!

by NickNielsen In reply to Try organ service!

That gets you a little closer.

Our church organ had a severe rattle in the 8' diapason and 16' bourdon across the entire bottom octave for decades. I understand they finally found the problem when they took out the old dampers to install replacements and the loose shim hit the floor...

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I had a rather severe handicap

by _Papa_ In reply to I know the feeling

I was an *electronic* organ tech, and had almost no experience with real organs, but i came much cheaper than the real thing...but a mechanic's stethoscope helped me find the trouble, a loose batten in the grille frame. A little hot glue fixed it long enough for me to get out of town and back to my transistors and speaker cabinets.

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