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I know why I'll never be great in IT now....

By darren ·
Sorry for this, but Christ on a bike that Geek discussion lower down....I used to think and have been told at times I'm a geek, but after reading that I know I'm not.

The saddest part is that I believe quite a lot of them were true responses, hey you don't have to be sad to work in IT...I know this is scary but there is life outside your office (even if it is at home!)....go on explore...or should I say 'Where do you want to go today?'

And surely everyone knows where all the best porn is, only we call it porn not pr0n!

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Just why do you seem to think all us "Geeks"

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I know why I'll never be ...

Are sad cases?

Some of us have a lot of fun where we work and enjoy what we do even if very few outside of the industry understand what we say when we talk to each other, this is really no different to Surgeons talking amongst themselves if you where to ovearhear them you would not understand a 10th of what they where talking about. The same goes for any other professional group and that is what you have to understand we in the IT business are PROFESSIONALS not a bunch of amatures who can find nothing better to do with out time.

You also have to remember that this is a fast growing industry so if you where prepared to just attend work for X hours per day and not do any homework on what is happening in the IT field you would very soon be left behind and not know what was going on with the new technology. After all it wasn't all that long ago that 486's where the norm and now look at what is available Intels with HTT or AMD's with 64 Bit even 1 year ago these where not expected and you will never hope to heep up to date if you only look at what you see at work.

Remember that any "New" computer is obsolute once it is made and we are just waiting for the next generation of hardware to come out and we have to know what is required by these new technologies so we can give good advice or actually build the units but because we work hard doesn't by any streatch of the imanigation mean we don't play hard either just because we are not in a 9 - 5 job by no means makes most of us any different to a Doctor or other professional who needs to be on call 24/7 for whatever reason. Or perhaps I'm all wrong and all of us Professionals are nothing but Geeks with no idea on how to live. But at least we are in some good company!

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