I looked up crss.exe, info found said it is a worm

By deeckon7 ·
Can someone inform me everything I look up says it a virus but my Pc-cillin Security is not detecting it. Pc is running slow.

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by lowlands In reply to I looked up crss.exe, inf ...

if the file you see running on your system is <b>cSrss.exe</b> or <b>crss.exe</b>.

The first one is a perfectly valid Windows OS file, the second one is virus related. If it really is the second file on your system, search google on how to remove.

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by Kiltie In reply to verify

you mixed those two up

crss.exe can be a valid Windows file, but is also used by viruses with that name, and various mis-spellings.

It's valid Windows use is as a Client Server Runtime Process. A search for crss.exe can get lots of hits for virus activity, but that doesn't mean that it is a virus, just that many viruses also use that.
If in doubt, use one of the many free online virus scanners to check it out.
(post back if you want more info)

If PC-Cillin says it is ok, leave it alone for now.

The reason for your computer running slow, depends on other things.

For example, I tried PC-cillin on my P II and performance downgraded horrendously.

So I uninstalled it (PC-cillin), but (be warned) it leaves lots of traces in the registry)

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The reason for your computer running slow

by deeckon7 In reply to CORRECTION

Great info. Found out the small letters were cSrss not crss. I ended up unistalling PC-cillin and then reinstalling and it ran somewhat better. What seems to have helped the most is using the Ie7 option of not using any toolbars & add-ons. Found out about all the traces also when I checked after my Un-install.

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by mdavis In reply to CORRECTION

crss.exe is a process which is registered as W32.AGOBOT.GH Worm.

csrss.exe is the main executable for the Microsoft Client/Server Runtime Server Subsystem. This process manages most graphical commands in Windows. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.
csrss.exe COULD also be the result of a trojan as well though.... Determining whether this process is a virus or a legitimate Windows process depends on the directory location it executes or runs from in WinTasks.

Above information is from and is consistant with other security sites and process library sites info as well... if it is crss.exe and NOT cSrss.exe you should remove this threat.

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I Need better Glass'es

by deeckon7 In reply to verify

Thanks for the reply, found out minutes after I posted this that I mis-read it. Turned out to be cSrss. Print was very small.

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