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I may never fly again

By maxwell edison ·
Next month, I'm travelling from Denver, to Phoenix, to San Diego, to Las Vegas, and back to Denver. (A combination of work and pleasure.)

I'm on the verge of finalizing my travel plans. At first, I was planning to combine flying and rental cars. But I've decided to drive the entire trip. I'm simply not going to subject myself to the inconvenience - and indignity - of what it takes to fly. Instead, I choose to drive across the Rocky Mountains in the middle of winter - both ways. If you've never driven across the Continental Divide in January, you've missed a once-in-a-lifetime - and possibly a harrowing - experience. But it's better than flying over it in today's day and age.

I'm tired of our government (controlled by either party) treating the symptoms of terrorism instead of attacking the disease.

As such, I might never step foot onto a commercial airliner again.

How about you? What do you think?

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Quit your damned defiance

by santeewelding In reply to I may never fly again

Put with it up.

But within days after 9/11 I had to fly all the way back east because somebody died.

Degrading? Yes.

Then, again, couple years later, had to fly back with a one-way after delivering a vehicle to a dear one.

Degrading? Oh, yes. Right down to public exposure of pubic hairs.

I, too, have said, screw you. I have since driven thousands of miles, so that, primarily, I may do so packing serious weaponry. This is also a pain in the ***. Specially when you run unintended into law enforcement (skated, which I get to do, arranging beforehand to appear as a confused and harmless senior -- but not, now, having divulged same here).

Only advice I can give you is, henceforth, to keep your head down and your mouth shut. Go nowhere. Do nothing.

Unless, you have to. Like, when somebody dies and you are sucked into that whole thing.

This will test you as to your connection to the rest of us.

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Work out all your calculations and look at alternatives or

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I may never fly again

1. taxi to bus terminal, commercial coach to the other city, car rental at that end.

2. taxi to train stations, train to nearest city, car rental at that end.

3. rental of private plane and avoid the commercial airline terminal crap.

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While I agree somewhat

by Shellbot In reply to I may never fly again

I will fly..

I hate the hassle of it..but I love to go places and that requires me to fly.

My approach is a simple one, arrive early, follow the rules, keep my mouth shut..and I generally have an ok time.

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My projected USA trip next Fall is looking a little less likely

by neilb@uk In reply to I may never fly again

If all goes well at work then I should be in line for a six week sabbatical - paid holiday! - in September because of my length of service. I was tentatively planning a road trip in the USA, Canada to Mexico, North to South, taking in a few sights and visiting a few peers on the way.

I'm still thinking road trip but now I'm thinking car all of the way and that means Europe.

The current wait for security at Gatwick, my local airport, is four hours for transatlantic flights. Some airlines have stopped showing in-flight entertainment because the maps that show your current position "could be used by terrorists". Gah! I'm not sure I could do seven hours with just my own thoughts...twice! I certainly can't carry enough books for that length of time.

But I'm not allowed anything on my lap so I can't read a book!

Oh, and stay in your seat for the last hour of the flight.

And US planes are dangerous.

The guy's father reports to the US Embassy that his son is dangerously radicalised and no-one flags that up? This person has "a significant terrorist connection" and is not allowed into the UK yet was given a visa and allowed to fly to the USA!

I would seem that the UK is considered a "terrorist hub" by the US authorities. What we have is a Nigerian Muslim extremist who gets a US Visa despite his father warning the US authorities, boards a plane in Amsterdam where Dutch security officials miss the explosives which he is carrying.

His only connection to the UK is that he used to study at UCL so the obvious solution is to harass, annoy and humiliate British passengers bound for the USA even further.


It may change by September but I would guess not.


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Books for a long flight, get a good e-book reader that uses

by Deadly Ernest In reply to My projected USA trip nex ...

memory cards and get a pile of books stored on cards. Carry on in your pocket, but get to security early so they can safely go through it all and confirm it's OK. You can carry about 100 hours reading no trouble, that way. The best are about the size of an average paperback and only about a finger width deep.

As to who to fly with, only three airlines to consider for that type of flight - British Airways, Qantas, Royal Dutch Airlines.

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Ernest, the point about reading material

by neilb@uk In reply to Books for a long flight, ...

is that currently it seems that you can't put anything on your lap on some airlines lest you be "hiding" the activator for your explosive underpants.

That would, I guess, include notebook or laptop which would normally be loaded up with a couple of films, paper book or any sort of ebook. Anyway, no way am I going to fork out good money for an ebook. I hate them.

Generally I go Virgin transatlantic. BA are a tad expensive and quite likely to be on strike, anyway. Never tried Quantas or RD.


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gee, with nothing in the lap area, how do they deal with the

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Ernest, the point about r ...

food trays? hmmm.

The best e-book readers you hold in your hand, just like a paperback book.

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I put my paperback in my lap. No text.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to gee, with nothing in the ...
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I don't think they've really thought it through

by neilb@uk In reply to gee, with nothing in the ...

I'm not going until September/October so I'll see what the situation is then.

The best paperback books you hold in your hand, just like e-book readers.


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I understand

by Tig2 In reply to My projected USA trip nex ...

And am saddened by your- very understandable- choice. Still, I would rather know that you are safe.

I have threatened to immigrate to the UK at a later point in my life. Do boats still make the crossing?


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