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I miss this place

By Slayer_ ·
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Has it ever picked back up?

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Hello Slayer!

by tcavadias Staff In reply to I miss this place

We are happy to see your face :-)

Welcome back! Hope all has been well for you?

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I got banned at my new hangout again, so I decided to come back

by Slayer_ In reply to Hello Slayer!

Everything's been well, and you?

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I Miss It Too

by TheChas In reply to I miss this place

I miss the old days on TR when we were getting actual technical questions and not homework problems.

Or worse yet, the posts that look like some tech support looking for answers to the tough problems.

I might poke in once or twice a month rather than everyday as I used to.


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Yeah I took a peek at the questions section

by Slayer_ In reply to I Miss It Too

Seemed to be a 50 50 split on homework questions and spam.
I guess all the mods abandoned ship as well.

It's amazing how hard the forum changes hit the community. We went from 10,000 post topics to 30 or less. I browse the front page and almost all have less than 10 comments.

It seems techrepublic is now an example of what not to do in the tech industry.

Maybe if they brought back geekend we would start coming back?

That day I got over 1000 negative votes for my anti gun argument and took top posts from that seems so far away now

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I miss this place too

by AV . In reply to I miss this place

No one comes here much anymore because of all the awful technical changes over the years. I can't believe this once vibrant community is dead, but they lost their mojo when they went mainstream with CBS Interactive. As far as a forum goes, this place is an absolute disaster.

They blew it and they're never getting it back until they look back into the past of why Techrepublic was attractive to people.

Seriously, I really don't want to know how many characters I type when I'm creating a post. I think you should get out of my post.

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I love the irony

by Slayer_ In reply to I miss this place too

I love the irony of how a site preaching technology and how to run a business, failed so catastrophically. It makes you wonder if you should bother reading any of their business pieces. They obviously don't know what they are doing.
I mean, techrepublic's failure is one for the textbooks. Very active to completely dead in a month.

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