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I need a business name?

By sanwardak ·
I am planning to open computer service business. I need a short catchy and professional and meaningful name. I will be starting the business from home at the initial stage. My service will be on site computers support, website and business card and flyer design , but in future I will be selling computers and it accessories once if it picked up then I will have to rent a shop, but now because of my budget. If you could recommend some names you think are good will be highly appreciated

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How about...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to I need a business name?

1) BATCS . Business Administrative and Technical Computer Services
2) SBCMS. Small Business Computer Management Services

Go here for more fun:

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These are long

by sanwardak In reply to I need a business name?

These are good but very long, if you know some short one it will be good. I will also check the links you sent me thanks.


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I need a Business Name

by ph.fisher In reply to I need a business name?

I just use the name of my town plus 'Computer Services', my business is 'Criccieth Computer Services'. Not too long and can be abbreviated to 'CCS' when required, Hope this helps.

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Also long I'm afraid

by Kenone In reply to I need a business name?

Ye Olde Computer Shoppe

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by oldbaritone In reply to I need a business name?

(your user name spelled backwards)

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Various common themese

by IcebergTitanic In reply to I need a business name?

Well, there's always the perennial favorites such as:

- Greek / Roman Gods + Computer Tech words (Examples: Titan Networks, Jupiter Computing, Artemis Systems Inc)

- Verb + Computer Tech (Examples: Speedy Computer Services, Strong Support Software, Able Tech)

- Initials + Computer Tech word (ACD Systems, DR Computing, GLI Networks)

- Word-related-to-town + Tech word, such as Emerald Computer (Seattle), Bay Information Systems (San Diego), Gotham Networks (NYC), etc

- Random, catchy word + tech (Blinking Dog Networks, Red Balloon Systems, Whole Wheat Computers)

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by PKA In reply to I need a business name?

on site computers support

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Pristine Computer Systems

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to I need a business name?

You could probably play with P C Systems in a logo....looks like most "short" versions of the domain name has been taken but pristinecomputersystems is available....rather long though.

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Business Name

how about
R.A.M. Computer Solutions.
The RAM would stand for Repair and Maintenance Computer Solutions.

Like mine is CompuTech Computer Solutions, and can be abbreviated to CCS.
or here's another one

Onyx Computer Solutions. or Onyx Computer Services

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Business Name

by julianflynn In reply to I need a business name?

There are lots of things you should consider before choosing a business name. You should also check if your chosen business name is already in use, you can do this by going to your local business registrar. And if you need help naming your business you could try crowd sourcing websites like http://www.squadhelp.com/ and Name generator tools on the internet.

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